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H30年度 ゆるキャラグランプリ―

2018.08.21 (Tue)


Mascot characters (yurukyara) representing municipal governments and various businesses and organizations from all across Japan will be competing to be crowned Mascot of the Year in this year’s Yurukyara Grand Prix!

Voting is open from 8/1 through 11/9, so don’t forget to register and cast your vote (daily!) for Yurihama’s own celestial maiden character Yuririn!


You can vote once per day using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone after creating your voter ID on the official 2018 Yurukyara Grand Prix website.


Follow the link provided to complete the registration process.


Send a blank e-mail to
You will then receive an automated e-mail response containing a link to set your password.yurukyara6

Follow the link and enter your desired password into both boxes to confirm your password before pressing the registration button.



~Once registered, you can cast your vote daily from August 1 through November 9 using your e-mail and password~

Click on Tottori’s icon to find the page to vote for Yuririn!



2017 Yurukyara Grand Prix Reminder

2017.09.29 (Fri)


The competition is getting fierce as we approach the 2 month mark for the 2017 Yurukyara Grand Prix. Please show your support by helping Yuririn promote Yurihama by casting your vote daily!

Register your ID here:
Vote for Yuririn here:


Yuririn Goods

2017.05.31 (Wed)


YuririnMerchandiseToteYuririn Tote Bags

Available at the Town Planning Division
(Town Hall 2F)
800 yen


Yuririn Pin Badge
Available at the Town Planning Division
(Town Hall 2F)
200 yen

YuririnMerchandiseShirtYuririn T-Shirts
Available at Uemura (306-6 Tajiri, Yurihama)
Prices vary.



2016.10.26 (Wed)



Voting for this year’s Yurukyara Grand Prix, where various mascots from all across Japan face-off and promote their local governments, businesses, or organizations as they compete for the highest number of votes, has officially ended.



Yuririn unfortunately got a late start in this year’s race and never quite caught her footing. However, we will be ready to rally behind her again next year as she spreads word of Yurihama’s sprawling sandy beaches, appetizing 20th century pears and grapes, and healing and refreshing onsen hot springs (just for starters).


 Keep an eye out for information on next year’s Yurukyara Grand Prix! We hope you will help by voting early and often (1 vote per day per person)♪star3


★Vote Yuririn!! ☆

2015.10.14 (Wed)

Don’t forget that voting for the 2015 Yurukyara Grand Prix lasts until 6pm on Monday, November 16th, 2015! Please help Yurihama’s celestial maiden character Yuririn as she spreads word of Yurihama’s onsens, pears, beaches, and charm.☆

You can directly vote for Yuririn at:
For more information, please visit the website (Japanese):

Or see my original post on this year’s contest here.

Thank you for your support!


Yurukyara Grand Prix Reminder

2014.10.03 (Fri)

Just a reminder to please vote daily for Yurihama’s own Yuririn!☆

please vote

Register to vote at:
There will be a box to enter your e-mail address in.


You should then receive a confirmation e-mail.

Follow the link provided and you will come to a page where you will set your password.
Enter your desired password twice and press the button below it to submit- and you are all set to go!


You can find the link to vote for Yuririn at:

Press    Press to vote
and you should see: Enter email and password

Enter your e-mail address in the first box and your chosen password in the second.

Press the button below to cast your vote!☆


★Thank you!ありがとうございました!★