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2019.02.04 (Mon)


The first Yururin Market will be held from 10am-2pm at the newly opened Exchange Center Yururinkan!

 Everyone is invited to drop by and enjoy a flea market, food vendors (including taiyaki, takoyaki, onigiri, gaprao rice bowls, etc.), accessories, balloons, and more at the first Yururin Market!!byururinmarketdate

We hope to see you there!!



国際理解講座 オーストラリア メルボルン編

2019.01.29 (Tue)


  In this cross-cultural seminar, Yurihama International Friendship Association member Mr. Jun Asakura will discuss intercultural communicative competence while drawing on his experience studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia, from March- October, 2018. This lecture will include insights into what Mr. Asakura learned from his homestay experience and time at a language school, as well as a brief introduction to Melbourne’s famous tourist attractions.


This intercultural understanding seminar is open to everyone and is free to attend, so we hope to see you there!☆



はわい温泉・東郷温泉 クリスマス花火

2018.12.17 (Mon)


Date & Time: December 22 & 23, 2018       8:15pm~8:30pm
                        ※Subject to change in the event of severe weather.

Location: Asozu Park (inside the Lake Tōgō Hawai Lakeside Park)



2018.12.04 (Tue)




Ground golf (GG) is a sport similar to mini-golf or a putting game. It was developed in the town of Yurihama in Japan’s Tottori Prefecture as a lifelong sport that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy. The club and ball used often remind first-time users of the equipment used in croquet, but players use a club to hit the ball into the goal while counting the strokes it takes to do so, just like in golf.


There are 8 holes on a standard course of varying distances. Players set their ball on the tee (which is found on the start mat) and aim for the hole-post, adjusting the power of their swing to the distance and layout of the course. There is no actual hole used in ground golf (allowing players to set up anywhere, including parks), but rather a metal rim that marks the boundary of the goal. The ball must come to a complete rest within that metal rim to hole out.

Players must play the ball as it lands and are not allowed to move obstacles, such as grass or branches, out of the way; however, you do remove your ball from the field to not obstruct the person who goes after you by placing a marker where it was to mark its position. You also get 3 strokes off your final score for each hole-in-one!


The 2019 Yurihama International Ground Golf Open is being held in order to help foster friendships and exchange between players of all nationalities, to further promote the sport, and in preparation for the World Masters Games to be held in the Kansai region of Japan in 2021.

Participating in the tournament is a great way to meet new people of all different nationalities and to be active and enjoy the game- as well as the incredible view of the sea!

With simple rules and an emphasis on courtesy, it’s a sport anyone can enjoy even if they’re trying it for the first time. There is even a good chance for an upset victory!


  1. Gameplay is individual, so you do not need a team to register!!
  2. Free rental equipment will be available for all participants who do not have their own gear.
  3. Bento lunches will be provided on both days of the tournament (incl. in the registration fee).
  4. Participants who reserve accommodations at certain hotels through the International GG Open Executive Committee are eligible for an extra bonus of 5,000 JPY off of the cost of their accommodations (certain restrictions apply).
  5. There will also be a free welcome reception open to all participants and their families at 5:00pm on Thursday, May 23.
  6. Registration is open until 29 March 2019.


For further details about the 2019 Yurihama International Ground Golf Open (English), click HERE.


For applications and other inquiries, please contact the International GG Open Organizing Committee.

International Ground Golf Open Organizing Committee
〒682-0723 Tottori-ken, Tohaku-gun, Yurihama-chō, Hisadome 19-1
E-mail:                    TEL: 0858-35-5368





2018.11.26 (Mon)


Come enjoy the beauty of the winter season with the dazzling and romantic illumination at Yurihama’s Ayame Pond Park.

Dates:      1 December 2018 ~ 3 January 2019

Time:       5pm~10pm
Illumination may be canceled in the event of inclement weather.

Place:       Ayame Pond Park
Lake Togo Hawai Seaside Park (Yurihama, Tottori Prefecture)
鳥取県湯梨浜町藤津650 東郷湖羽合臨海公園あやめ池公園
(Near the Ayame Ike Sports Center- about a 20-minute walk from the JR Matsuzaki Station))

※Free parking available. No entry fee.AyameIkeIllumination2



中華コスプレ at 燕趙園

2018.11.23 (Fri)


ChineseCosplay_1Since 2006, cosplayers from all across the country have gathered at Yurihama’s Chinese Garden Enchoen (Japan’s largest authentic Chinese garden) dressed up in elaborate costumes as characters from Chinese games, anime, and more, twice a year for a weekend of fun, festivities, and flair.

Anyone is welcome to attend and enjoy the event, so we invite you to stop on by and enjoy!

Chinese food vendors will be available from 11am-3pm, and guests are welcome to rent Chinese dresses for the event (300yen for adults; free for junior high school students and under).

See this blog’s previous post on Chinese Garden Enchoen here.



2018.11.19 (Mon)



This year’s Kurayoshi International Festival will be held
Sunday, November 25th, from 11am-3pm
at the Hoki Shiawase no Sato Center (458 Koda, Kurayoshi).

 The Kurayoshi International Festival is held each year to promote friendship and exchange across cultures and to provide an opportunity to interact with different cultures from around the world.

The festival is free to attend and will include various stage performances, cultural experiences, food booths, as well as displays showcasing the activities of local groups and clubs. This family-friendly event is free to attend, so we hope you stop on by and enjoy the festivities!