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2018.08.03 (Fri)


While available every Sunday during the Aloha Carnival, the water activities near Café ippo will be offered at a special discount prices this Sunday (August 5) for your enjoyment!

Enjoy tubing in the Water Ring, canoeing, trying your hand at the Lake Tuber, exploring on the fat bike, or a refreshing and exhilarating SUP experience.




2018.07.11 (Wed)



This year’s Aloha Carnival has kicked off!

This month-long event in part celebrates Yurihama’s sister-city relationship with Hawaii County (Hawaii, USA). Don’t forget to enjoy the various Hawaii-themed dishes available at participating restaurants as well as the Lake Tuber (on the lake near Café ippo), SUP, canoe, and other water sport events. You can also get a special memento if you take your photo in front of Yurihama’s Aloha Monument or win a special prize in this year’s photo contest!

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page at:


Aloha Carnival グルメマップ・スタンプラリー

2017.08.01 (Tue)




Remember to take your picture in front of the Aloha Monument (by the lake near Hawai Yu-town) for your own mini-monument and try out the water-sports by Café ippo! Activities include stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), canoeing over the lake, giving the lake tuber a spin, and more— Sunday, August 6th will be another half-off day, so stop on by!!

Don’t forget to try the special Hawaii-themed menus put out by restaurants across town and complete your stamp card to win some fabulous prizes!☆




2017 アロハカーニバル

2017.07.05 (Wed)


Cool down from the summer heat with various water sports on Lake Tōgō for half price on ACDates


19 local restaurants are participating in this year’s carnival, offering special Hawaii-inspired menus such as the Aloha Burger and Kona coffee. Be sure to visit as many as you can for this year’s ACStampRally


You can also get your mini-Aloha monument by taking a photo in front of Yurihama’s Aloha Monument (off the lake near Hawai Yu-Townn and the driving center)!

And don’t forget about this year’s ACPhotoContest  Theme: The Hawaii of Japan I Found in Yurihama




I ❤ Yurihama アロハ・カーニバル

2017.06.14 (Wed)



The Tourism Division of the Yurihama Chamber of Commerce and Industry is working with the Tourism Association and Ryokan Union to put on this year’s Aloha Carnival. Featuring an array of water sports, Hawaii-inspired menus, and special events, it’s the perfect way to include a bit of fun, sun, and aloha into your summer!

Enjoy the sunshine while canoeing on the lake, trying to keep your balance in the Lake Tuber, stretching your body with yoga on the terrace, or gliding over the water on a stand up paddle board, and then refuel with one of the special menus available at participating locations, including the Aloha Rice Bowl (based off of loco moco), Aloha Burger, and more!

Check back for more information or keep up to date with the latest information and events on the executive committee’s Facebook page (Japanese) at:




2016.08.12 (Fri)

Aloha Carnival Title

            Don’t forget!! Yurihama’s Aloha Carnival ends Sunday, August 21- so there is only a little over a week left to enjoy this year’s events and gourmet! Be sure to take advantage of the time remaining by enjoying the Hawaii-inspired menus, Kona coffee, water sports, and more!

Water Sports


50percent off sign
When:    Sundays 10am – 5pm
Where:    Café ippo
Lake Tuber   ¥700 adults, ¥500 high school and under  (10 minutes)
SUP (Stand-Up Paddle Boarding) 
¥1000 adults,¥800 high school and under  (30 minutes)
Canoe      ¥1000 adults,¥700 high school and under  (60 minutes)

ALL water sports will be half-off this Sunday (8/14)!! Come and join in the fun!


Terrace Yoga



When:    Sunday, August 14  6pm – 7pm
Where:    Café ippo
What:      Yoga on Café ippo’s outdoor terrace
Cost:       ¥500



Aloha Carnival: Stand-up Paddle Boarding! ・ SUP体験

2015.07.08 (Wed)


Stand-up paddle boarding is a popular water sport similar to traditional paddle boarding; however, rather than kneeling and using your hands to paddle, you stand-up on the board and use paddles to glide across the surface of the water. You get a good workout while relaxing and getting a unique and beautiful view of the ocean SUPfloor below you (as well as the horizon stretching off into the distance).

Come wearing your swimsuit- or even just clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. You will be given a life-jacket to wear and the staff will be there to help instruct you and help as

You don’t need to be able to swim or speak Japanese to participate, so come and enjoy stand-up paddle boarding with us!



While the 6/14 free SUP day has passed, there is no need to fret- there are 2 more chances to enjoy a FREE SUP experience!!

Time:   10 am – 4 pm (registration starts at 9am)
Dates:   Sunday, July 12th
Sunday, August 16th
Location: Tōgō Hawai Seaside Park

Togo Hawai Seaside Park (Hawai Beach)



You can also enjoy SUP on weekdays at a special discounted price during the Aloha Carnival!

Time:   10 am – 4 pm
Dates:   Weekdays, June 11th ~ August 31st
Location: Tōgō Hawai Seaside Park
Cost:   Adults…1000 yen
Elementary School Students…500 yen
Children not yet enrolled in school…100 yen