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2017.04.19 (Wed)


Yurihama Mayor Masamichi Miyawaki visited the town’s sister city of Hawaii County last month, where he met with the recently re-elected Mayor Harry Kim and members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hawaii.

訪問1During a courtesy visit with Mayor Kim, the two renewed the sister city agreement between Yurihama and Hawaii County and reaffirmed their commitment to, as well as the importance of, the sister city relationship.

Mayor Miyawaki expressed his hope that the friendship as well as the cultural, educational, and business exchange between the two communities will continue to strengthen and expand with Mayor Kim’s support and cooperation.






平成28年度 アロハメイツ 報告発表会 ・2016 Aloha Mates Debriefing Session

2016.10.03 (Mon)


Exchange Event 38月4日から10日にかけて、アロハメイツがハワイ郡を訪問し、ハワイの中学生とその家族との交流を深めながら、ハワイの文化や生活習慣などいろんな体験をしてきました。

つきましては、下記の日程で報告会を開催いたします。報告会では、アロハメイツがハワイを訪問して感じたことや考えたことなどを発表されますので、ご出席くださいますようよろしくお願いいたします。Exchange Event 3

This year’s Aloha Mates visited Hawaii County from August 4th through the 10th, gaining rich and valuable experience as they learned about the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle while creating bonds with their homestay families.

There will be a reflection session as detailed below. During this debriefing, the Aloha Mates will present their thoughts and impressions on their time in Hawaii. We hope you will be able to join us and support the students!


2016 Aloha Mates Reflection SessionExchange Event 3

Date:   Sunday, October 9th, 2016    10am (approx. 1 hour)

Location:   Yurihama Town Office             Auditorium

Content:   There will an overview of the trip given by one of the chaperones and each student will present their experiences and memories from Hawaii.

Exchange Event 3

平成28年度 アロハメイツ報告会

1.日  時  平成28年10月9日(日) 午前10時から

2.場  所  湯梨浜町役場 講堂

3.内   容  アロハメイツ:ハワイで体験したことや思い出に残ったことなど、アロハメイツがお一人ずつ発表
引  率  者:訪問の全体概要の発表


Aloha Monument ・ アロハ・モニュメント

2016.06.16 (Thu)

Aloha Monument

Aloha Monument Photo

  In June of 2014, Yurihama unveiled the Aloha Monument as it kicked off its first Aloha Carnival. The monument was constructed to commemorate both the 10th anniversary of the creation of the town through merging the former towns of Hawai, Tomari, and Tōgō, and to celebrate the ongoing friendship and exchange between Yurihama and Hawaii.


  The Aloha Monument is located in Yurihama’s Tōgō Hawai Seaside Park (near the Driving License Center and across the way from Hawai Yu~Town), against a breathtaking backdrop of the beauty of Lake Tōgō and the surrounding natural greenery. Attempting to capture just a bit of the aloha spirit, the monument is engraved with 2 hands making Hawaii’s shaka sign as well as a heart, making it a fun photo op for visitors to the park (especially couples!).

If you are ever in the area, stop on by and take your own photo posing in front of the Aloha Monument!☆


As part of this year’s Aloha Carnival (happening all throughout Yurihama July 1st through August 21st ), anyone can take their photo in front of the Aloha Monument to win a special prize!!

Aloha Monument Access



2016.03.25 (Fri)




ハワイ郡長 ビリー・ケノイ氏と湯梨浜町長 宮脇正道氏を始め、両市の議会や商工会議所を含む関係者が列席しました。とても素敵な式典で、黒松の成長とともに、ハワイ郡と湯梨浜町との友好関係もますます親密になり、交流の輪を広げるように願っているという祝福の言葉があり、出席者は一人一人土をかけました。



Hawaii County and Yurihama first established their sister city relationship in 1996, and have worked to develop a strong friendship through cultural exchange, a junior high school student homestay exchange program, and various other projects and events. This year marks the 20th anniversary of that sister city relationship, and as part of the celebrations a commemorative tree planting ceremony was held on Thursday, February 18th, 2016, at Liliuokalani Gardens, which is a Japanese-style garden off of the island of Hawaii’s Hilo Bay.

The ceremony was attended by Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi and Yurihama Mayor Masamichi Miyawak黒松1i, as well as representatives from both Hawaii County and Yurihama’s legislative councils and chambers of commerce and industry. It was a lovely ceremony, with a blessing that as the black pine planted grows, so too would the friendship and exchange between Hawaii County and Yurihama, after which those in attendance each had the opportunity to scoop soil onto the base of the tree.

If you have the chance to visit Hilo, I hope you take the time to see this symbol of friendship between Hawaii County and Yurihama and enjoy the tranquility of Liliuokalani Gardens.