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Town Song・湯梨浜町歌

2015.12.16 (Wed)


Originally composed by Setsuo Kanba of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, this version was arranged by Yurihama resident Michiya Sasaki in March of 2006. It was chosen by the selection committee out of 118 other candidates to become the official song of Yurihama.



一、湯梨浜の 高き空に

未来を拓く 夢がある

ふるさとに寄せる 愛

ふるさとを飾る 花

手をたずさえて 命ときめき

歩みつづけよう 明日へ


We have a dream of opening the future

To the high skies of our Yurihama

The love that draws us home

The flowers that adorn our home

Hand-in-hand, the thrill of life

Let’s keep walking toward tomorrow


二、湯梨浜の 蒼き海に

世界を駆ける 風が吹く

ふるさとに寄せる 愛

ふるさとを思う 心

手をたずさえて 命燃え立ち

見つめつづけよう 明日を


The wind which runs across the earth

Blows over Yurihama’s blue sea

The love that draws us home

Our thoughts linger on our home

Hand-in-hand, a burning thirst for life

Let’s keep gazing toward tomorrow


三、湯梨浜の 山ふところに

心をつなぐ 友がいる

ふるさとに寄せる 愛

ふるさとを抱く 大地

手をたずさえて 命きらめき

歌いつづけよう 明日へ

Our friends, bound to our hearts,

Are at the foot of Yurihama’s mountains

The love that draws us home

The land that holds our home

Hand-in-hand, a glistening life

Let’s keep singing toward tomorrow