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2017.11.07 (Tue)


The 3rd Matsuzaki Genki Matsuri will be held at the Yurihama Central Community Center (505 Ryuto, Yurihama) on November 12 from 9:30am until 1pm.

 Come and enjoy various stage events, local food, handmade goods, locally grown vegetables, a flea market, games, pastel art, and more. You will also be able to enjoy a relaxing massage, check your memory, and learn more about disaster prevention and preparedness.



松崎駅前 軽トラ市

2017.05.26 (Fri)


Come and join us in Matsuzaki for the K-Truck Market, featuring a flea market, cooking lessons using emergencies rations, fresh vegetables and fish vendors, various crafts, and more!

Saturday, May 27, 2017
9am – 12pm
Near Matsuzaki Station
(parking lot of the now-closed supermarket)



さくら工芸品工房 さくら祭り

2017.03.23 (Thu)


The Sakura Art Studios, in Yurihama’s Matsuzaki ward, will be hosting its Cherry Blossom Festival on Sunday, April 2nd! Visitors are invited to enjoy the refreshments available and take part in any of the various workshops to be held during the festival- including aizome, a traditional dying technique that uses indigo dyes, pastel art, and Chinese rainbow calligraphy! Visitors can also enjoy a free market and the beautiful view!❤

What: Sakura Art Studios Cherry Blossom Festival
さくら工芸品工房 さくら祭り

Date & Time: Sunday, April 2, 2017   10am-3pm
平成29年4月2日(日)  10時~15時

Place: Sakura Art Studios
(619 Matsuzaki, Yurihama, Tohaku, Tottori 〒689-0711)
さくら工芸品工房 【〒689-0711 鳥取県東伯郡湯梨浜町松崎619】





あやめ池ウィンターイルミネーション ・ Ayame Pond Winter Illumination

2016.12.05 (Mon)


。☆. あやめ池ウィンターイルミネーション .

Come enjoy the beauty of the winter season with the dazzling and romantic illumination at Yurihama’s Ayame Pond Park.


Dates:    1 December 2016 ~ 3 January 2017

Time:     5pm~10pm
Illumination may be canceled in the event of inclement weather.

Place:     Ayame Pond Park
Lake Togo Hawai Seaside Park (Yurihama, Tottori Prefecture)
鳥取県湯梨浜町 東郷湖羽合臨海公園あやめ池公園
(About a 20-minute walk from the JR Matsuzaki Station-
near the Ayame Ike Sports Center in the Togo district of Yurihama)

Free parking available. No admission fee.



WTC鳥取大会・湯梨浜天女ウォーク 報告

2016.11.29 (Tue)


On 16 October 2016, Yurihama hosted the 3rd annual Yurihama Celestial Maiden Walk (天女ウォーク) in conjunction with the 6th annual World Trails Conference held in the Tottori Prefecture of Japan. There were 3 different courses available, including the 4km Laid-Back & Lively Walk (らくらく&わんぱくウォーク) especially for families and young children, the 5km Lake Togo & Retro Streetscape Course (東郷湖とレトロな街並みウォーク) for those wanting a comfortable and celestial-maiden-walk-2refreshing walk, and the 18km Lake Togo & Mt. Uma Walk (東郷湖と馬ノ山を巡る道ウォーク) for those looking for a challenge and the chance to really experience the history and natural beauty of Yurihama. In total, there were approximately 870 walkers who participated, with an additional 40 who took part in a special tour course held the day before.

The departure ceremonies were kicked off with a hula performance by local hula group Friendship Hawaii as well as remarks by Mayor Masamichi Miyawaki. Those participating in the 4km and 5km walks were treated to a special appearance by Olympic gold medalist Mr. Kenji Ogiwara (who also joined in as a guest walker), governor of Tottori Prefecture Mr. Shinji Hirai, and Japanese actress Ms. Miori Takimoto.


There were pear-tasting stations, a ground golf hole-in-one game, and various shops and vendors set up as well, creating a fun and festive atmosphere. Participants were invited to try shijimi clam miso soup, made using the large shijimi clams from Lake Togo, ogre-shaped sweets made by the Oniyome Demon Bride Association, and much, much more!



Thank you to everyone for coming out! Although the walking festival is over, we invite you to come by anytime and enjoy walking the beautiful trails here in Yurihama before soaking your feet in one of Yurihama’s 7 onsen hot springs footbaths found around Lake Togo♪




さくら工芸品工房 秋祭り★

2016.11.08 (Tue)




There will be dyeing workshops, pastel art, craft workshops, ornate calligraphy workshops available (500 yen) as well as snacks and treats sold at Café Achelino!

Autumn Festival

Sakura Art Studios
619 Matsuzaki, Yurihama, Tohaku District,
Tottori Prefecture, Japan 〒689-0711

〒689-0711 鳥取県東伯郡湯梨浜町松崎619番地(旧桜小学校)

Saturday, November 12th, 2016  11am – 3pm
Sunday, November 13th, 2016   11am – 3pm

平成28年11月12日(土) 11時 – 15時
平成28年11月13日(日) 11時 – 15時




The Three-Eight Market ・ 三八市

2016.09.28 (Wed)



The Sanpachi Market is back again this year!

The Sanpachi Market is a local market held each fall in the Matsuzaki ward of Yurihama (Tōgō district- near the JR Matsuzaki Station and the Tami guesthouse).

Literally translated as the 3-8 Market, the Sanpachi Market is held on days with 3 or 8 in them throughout the month of October (10/3, 10/8, 10/13, 10/18, 10/23, and 10/28). The market opens at 9am (though it may vary depending on the events being held that day).

Come stop by and check out the events and vendors! Hope to see you there!!★


See more at the Sanpachi Market’s Facebook page (Japanese) at: