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2017.09.07 (Thu)


Participants may choose from 3 courses: Course A, Course B, and Course C.

The 12km Course A (Lap Around Lake Tōgō) takes participants around the scenic Lake Tōgō, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots of the San’in Region. TennyoWalk3Though long, this course is generally flat, except for the stretch between Ayame Pond and the Mt. Izumo Lookout Point.

Course B (Lake Tōgō and Local Treats Walk) is a 7km course offers participants the chance to take a boat ride on Lake Tōgō and enjoy some local dishes.

Participants who select the 5km Course C (Oniyome Path) will be able to enjoy the retro atmosphere of the Matsuzaki district of Yurihama.


Enchoen Chinese Garden
Tottori-ken, Tohaku-gun, Yurihama-cho, Hikiji 565-1

October 15, 2017

(Course A/B)
Check-In & Registration: 8:00am     Opening Ceremony: 9:00am
(Course C)
Check-In & Registration: 10:00am   Opening Ceremony: 10:30am

Registration Fee:
Adults 1000 yen (1200 yen for same-day registration)
Students 500 yen (700 yen for same-day registration)
※Free for junior high school students & under
※Plus 300 yen for those who select Course B


Please direct any inquiries to:TennyoWalk5

Yurihama Tennyo Walk Executive Committee
〒682-0826 Tottori-ken, Kurayoshi-shi,
Higashinaka-machi 2571
TEL: 0858-24-5725   E-MAIL:

To learn more, visit (Japanese): http:://





I ❤ Yurihama アロハ・カーニバル

2017.06.14 (Wed)



The Tourism Division of the Yurihama Chamber of Commerce and Industry is working with the Tourism Association and Ryokan Union to put on this year’s Aloha Carnival. Featuring an array of water sports, Hawaii-inspired menus, and special events, it’s the perfect way to include a bit of fun, sun, and aloha into your summer!

Enjoy the sunshine while canoeing on the lake, trying to keep your balance in the Lake Tuber, stretching your body with yoga on the terrace, or gliding over the water on a stand up paddle board, and then refuel with one of the special menus available at participating locations, including the Aloha Rice Bowl (based off of loco moco), Aloha Burger, and more!

Check back for more information or keep up to date with the latest information and events on the executive committee’s Facebook page (Japanese) at:



Happy Valentine’s Day!❤。・

2017.02.14 (Tue)




Yurihama’s Shitori Shrine was an important shrine of the Hōki Province and is said to enshrine the goddess Princess Shitateru, shitori-shrinewho was known for both her beauty and intelligence. As such, the shrine has become known as a power spot for women seeking to increase their feminine charm or find a good match.

As you head towards the shrine, you will also find the “Anzan Iwa,” which is a large boulder said to answer prayers for safe childbirth.


While you’re there, don’t forget to get your Kahori Bukuro, which are cute and fragrant protective charms sold at the shrine.


You should offer one of these as you pray at the shrine and keep the other with you to bring about the blessings of Princess Shitateru.

There are 3 types, each said to have a different effect on the holder:

miyabiThis blend of pink and red roses enhances the holder’s beauty and grace.

kokoroThis blend of rosemary and marigold brings about rejuvenation and spiritual rebirth.

nukumoriThis blend of orange peels and marigolds is said to help bring the kindness and warmth of Princess Shitateru to the holder.



This onsen hot springs footbath is found on the shores of Lake Tōgō. You will know you found the right place when you see a monument of two koi (carp).
It is said that lovers should touch their feet to the bottom of the statue to solidify their koi (love). Couples wishing for a child could then pray to the nearby Jibo Kannon (Loving Mother). According to legend, you are supposed to pray from the right side of the statue for a boy and from the left for the girl.


For everyone with someone special, there are many wonderful cafes and restaurants to enjoy in Yurihama- not to mention the beautiful and romantic sunset over Lake Tōgō!



WTC鳥取大会・湯梨浜天女ウォーク 報告

2016.11.29 (Tue)


On 16 October 2016, Yurihama hosted the 3rd annual Yurihama Celestial Maiden Walk (天女ウォーク) in conjunction with the 6th annual World Trails Conference held in the Tottori Prefecture of Japan. There were 3 different courses available, including the 4km Laid-Back & Lively Walk (らくらく&わんぱくウォーク) especially for families and young children, the 5km Lake Togo & Retro Streetscape Course (東郷湖とレトロな街並みウォーク) for those wanting a comfortable and celestial-maiden-walk-2refreshing walk, and the 18km Lake Togo & Mt. Uma Walk (東郷湖と馬ノ山を巡る道ウォーク) for those looking for a challenge and the chance to really experience the history and natural beauty of Yurihama. In total, there were approximately 870 walkers who participated, with an additional 40 who took part in a special tour course held the day before.

The departure ceremonies were kicked off with a hula performance by local hula group Friendship Hawaii as well as remarks by Mayor Masamichi Miyawaki. Those participating in the 4km and 5km walks were treated to a special appearance by Olympic gold medalist Mr. Kenji Ogiwara (who also joined in as a guest walker), governor of Tottori Prefecture Mr. Shinji Hirai, and Japanese actress Ms. Miori Takimoto.


There were pear-tasting stations, a ground golf hole-in-one game, and various shops and vendors set up as well, creating a fun and festive atmosphere. Participants were invited to try shijimi clam miso soup, made using the large shijimi clams from Lake Togo, ogre-shaped sweets made by the Oniyome Demon Bride Association, and much, much more!



Thank you to everyone for coming out! Although the walking festival is over, we invite you to come by anytime and enjoy walking the beautiful trails here in Yurihama before soaking your feet in one of Yurihama’s 7 onsen hot springs footbaths found around Lake Togo♪





2016.08.12 (Fri)

Aloha Carnival Title

            Don’t forget!! Yurihama’s Aloha Carnival ends Sunday, August 21- so there is only a little over a week left to enjoy this year’s events and gourmet! Be sure to take advantage of the time remaining by enjoying the Hawaii-inspired menus, Kona coffee, water sports, and more!

Water Sports


50percent off sign
When:    Sundays 10am – 5pm
Where:    Café ippo
Lake Tuber   ¥700 adults, ¥500 high school and under  (10 minutes)
SUP (Stand-Up Paddle Boarding) 
¥1000 adults,¥800 high school and under  (30 minutes)
Canoe      ¥1000 adults,¥700 high school and under  (60 minutes)

ALL water sports will be half-off this Sunday (8/14)!! Come and join in the fun!


Terrace Yoga



When:    Sunday, August 14  6pm – 7pm
Where:    Café ippo
What:      Yoga on Café ippo’s outdoor terrace
Cost:       ¥500



Aloha Monument ・ アロハ・モニュメント

2016.06.16 (Thu)

Aloha Monument

Aloha Monument Photo

  In June of 2014, Yurihama unveiled the Aloha Monument as it kicked off its first Aloha Carnival. The monument was constructed to commemorate both the 10th anniversary of the creation of the town through merging the former towns of Hawai, Tomari, and Tōgō, and to celebrate the ongoing friendship and exchange between Yurihama and Hawaii.


  The Aloha Monument is located in Yurihama’s Tōgō Hawai Seaside Park (near the Driving License Center and across the way from Hawai Yu~Town), against a breathtaking backdrop of the beauty of Lake Tōgō and the surrounding natural greenery. Attempting to capture just a bit of the aloha spirit, the monument is engraved with 2 hands making Hawaii’s shaka sign as well as a heart, making it a fun photo op for visitors to the park (especially couples!).

If you are ever in the area, stop on by and take your own photo posing in front of the Aloha Monument!☆


As part of this year’s Aloha Carnival (happening all throughout Yurihama July 1st through August 21st ), anyone can take their photo in front of the Aloha Monument to win a special prize!!

Aloha Monument Access


Yurihama Walking Resort

2016.05.19 (Thu)

Walking Resort

Yurihama’s sceniWalk Yuririnc and open landscape lends itself well to outdoor activities. Taking advantage of this, the town has been working to further promote itself as a walking resort- for the enjoyment of both local residents and visitors alike.

As part of this, projects to better improve the walking environment have included the construction of a sidewalk all around Lake Tōgō, the installation of informational signposts, improved access to restrooms and rest stops, and Nordic walking events, among others.

With walking courses of all different lengths to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels and goals, Yurihama is an ideal place to refresh while experiencing the charms of countryside Japan!

Yurihama Walking Resort Routes

There are various recommended courses that include walking paths around the beautiful Lake Tōgō, along the stretching ocean coastline, and to the area’s healing waterfalls- all of which offer a firsthand look at the pristine and striking nature of rural Japan.
You can also choose to from walking courses that take you past historical and cultural sights or allow you to experience the retro-atmosphere lingering from the Shōwa era.

Options 1 2 Options 3 4


You can find more details and suggested routes at (Japanese):

Also! The 2016 World Trails Conference (WTC) will be held in Tottori this fall.
Check back for more details coming soon!★