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国際理解講座 オーストラリア メルボルン編

2019.01.29 (Tue)


  In this cross-cultural seminar, Yurihama International Friendship Association member Mr. Jun Asakura will discuss intercultural communicative competence while drawing on his experience studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia, from March- October, 2018. This lecture will include insights into what Mr. Asakura learned from his homestay experience and time at a language school, as well as a brief introduction to Melbourne’s famous tourist attractions.


This intercultural understanding seminar is open to everyone and is free to attend, so we hope to see you there!☆



ヒロ中学生訪問 報告

2017.11.01 (Wed)


SisterCityVisit115 junior high school students from Hilo Intermediate School, accompanied by 3 chaperones, visited Yurihama this past October as part of the ongoing Aloha Friendship Sister City Junior High School Students Exchange Program.

Each year, junior high school students take turns visiting and hosting each other as they learn about each other’s culture, daily life, and traditions.

The Hilo students visited the local junior high schools, made their own chopsticks, tried their hand at ground golf, and enjoyed sightseeing and various activities with their host families while forging lifelong friendships and creating unforgettable memories.


SisterCityVisit2Students from Yurihama (the Aloha Mates) are expected to visit Hilo next year to experience Hawaii’s unique culture, beautiful nature, and warm aloha spirit.