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You are invited!ウヌクプクプと町民との交流会

2018.07.08 (Sun)



You are invited! Come join us for an evening of cultural exchange with the members of the Unukupukupu hula group and residents of Yurihama tomorrow, Monday (7/9), at Hawai Aloha Hall from 7:00pm (doors open at 6:30pm).
The exchange event is free to attend and no registration required~ so feel free to stop on by and enjoy the festivities! Hope to see you there!



Please direct any inquiries to the Commerce and Tourism Section of the Yurihama Town Office’s Industry Promotion Division at: 0858-35-5382




2018.07.03 (Tue)


This year’s Hawaii in Yurihama Hawaiian Festival will once again be held the first weekend of July (7/7-7/8) at Yurihama’s Hawai Aloha Hall.

Featuring dynamic performances by Hawaii Community College’s Unukupukupu led by Kumu Hula Pele Kaio, various Hawaiian-themed workshops, and performances on the Aloha Stage by hula groups from all across Japan, the festival once again promises to be full of fun, friendship, and the aloha spirit.

We invite you to come on by and enjoy some of the performances and take part in the exchange event to be held the following Monday.


❃While registration is closed for this year’s workshops, Aloha Stage, and Hawaii in Yurihama Performance by Unukupukupku, no registration is required to attend the Welcome Concert on 7/7 or the exchange event for residents on 7/9. We invite you to stop on by and join us for the fun and festivities!

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2017.06.27 (Tue)




Welcoming its 18th year, the Hawaii in Yurihama Hawaiian Festival will be held this weekend (7/1-7/2) at the Hawai Aloha Hall.                             

This year’s event will feature dynamic performances by Hawaii Community College’s Unukupukupu (led by Pele Kaio), various Hawaiian-themed workshops, and performances on the Aloha Stage by hula groups from all across Japan.

・Hula & Ukulele Lessons ・Kīhei Printing Workshop
Welcome Concert by Unukupukupu (led by Pele Kaio)

・Aloha Stage・Hawaii in Yurihama Performance by Unukupukupu
Registration is closed to attend the workshops on 7/1 and the performances on 7/2.

Hawaii-Yurihama Exchange Event

❃While registration is required for the workshops and Aloha Stage, no registration is required to attend the Welcome Concert on 7/1 or the exchange event for residents on 7/3. We invite you to stop on by and join us for the fun and festivities!

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Hawaiian Festival 2016・Hawaii in Yurihama

2016.06.23 (Thu)

Hawaiian Festivalhawaiian fes

This year’s highly anticipated Hawaiian Festival Hawaii in Yurihama will be held this weekend (July 2nd-3rd) in the town of Yurihama in Japan’s Tottori Prefecture!

In its 17th year, this 2-day hula festival features various dance performances and Hawaiian culture workshops at the Hawai Aloha Hall event center (pre-registration required due to limited space).


On Saturday morning, participants will be able to participate in hula lessons (intermediate/advanced or beginner/kids classes available) or a hands-on ukulele lesson. In the afternoon, workshop participants will make kupeʻe (cord cuffs) representing the special bond between parents and their children before a welcome concert in the evenChirashi 2ing by the festival’s featured guests and friends of Yurihama, Dr. Taupōuri Tangarō and Unukupukupu, an incredibly talented hula group from Hawai`i Community College.


On Sunday, hula groups from all across Japan will showcase their talents on the Aloha Stage. The festival will finish with the Hawaii in Yurihama performance- a special and enthralling finale by Unukupukupu.


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Check back for more Hawaiian-themed events taking place during this year’s Aloha Carnival!! Enjoy special menus put out by local aloharestaurants participating in this year’s festivities, including Aloha burgers and rice-bowls, water sports, including a water walking ball (like a human-sized hamster ball!), and more!


ハワイアンフェスティバルハワイinゆりはま ・ Hawaiian Festival Hawaii in Yurihama

2015.07.06 (Mon)



Based on Yurihama’s sister-city relationship with the County of Hawaii (Hawaii, USA), the hula-dance themed Hawaiian Festival is held with the aim of strengthening that friendship. The local residents are able to interact with Hawaiian culture and experience it firsthand, and through this deepen the mutual understanding. The festival also brings enthusiasts of Hawaiian traditional culture from all over the country together each year.




☆・ハワイアンフェスティバル「ハワイinゆりはま」・☆ ・♪Hawaiian Festival 2015 Hawaii in Yurihama♪・

2015.06.19 (Fri)

It is that time of year again! ♪

Yurihama will be hosting the 16th annual Hawaiian Festival “Hawaii in Yurihama” on July 4th and 5th at Yurihama’s event center Hawai Aloha Hall.☆


Yurihama is especially pleased to once again welcome Dr. Taupōuri Tangarō and Unukupukupu from Hawai`i Community College as guest instructors and performers for this exciting 2-day festival. Various activities and events will be held throughout the weekend- including hula and ukulele lessons, a kahili workshop, as well as hula dance performances by groups from throughout Japan and the dynamic Unukupukupu.


Workshops and performances are free to attend, but pre-registration is required due to the limited number of spots available. Seats are first come, first serve- so be sure to reserve your spot!


For further details or to reserve your spot, please feel free to reach out to me (Yurihama’s Coordinator for International Relations) via the Contact section on this blog, via direct e-mail at, or by phone at 0858-35-5311. For those proficient in Japanese, you can also contact Yurihama’s Industry Promotion Division at 0858-35-5383 (Japanese only).Hawaiian Festival Fronthawaiian back☆——————————————————————————————————————-

What:    Hawaiian Festival “Hawaii in Yurihama”

When:    July 4th & 5th

Where:    Hawai Aloha Hall

             584 Hawai-Nagase,

             Yurihama-chō, Tōhaku-gun,

             Tottori 〒682-0722

Admission: Free!

               Pre-registration required due to limited capacity