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Aloha Monument ・ アロハ・モニュメント

2016.06.16 (Thu)

Aloha Monument

Aloha Monument Photo

  In June of 2014, Yurihama unveiled the Aloha Monument as it kicked off its first Aloha Carnival. The monument was constructed to commemorate both the 10th anniversary of the creation of the town through merging the former towns of Hawai, Tomari, and Tōgō, and to celebrate the ongoing friendship and exchange between Yurihama and Hawaii.


  The Aloha Monument is located in Yurihama’s Tōgō Hawai Seaside Park (near the Driving License Center and across the way from Hawai Yu~Town), against a breathtaking backdrop of the beauty of Lake Tōgō and the surrounding natural greenery. Attempting to capture just a bit of the aloha spirit, the monument is engraved with 2 hands making Hawaii’s shaka sign as well as a heart, making it a fun photo op for visitors to the park (especially couples!).

If you are ever in the area, stop on by and take your own photo posing in front of the Aloha Monument!☆


As part of this year’s Aloha Carnival (happening all throughout Yurihama July 1st through August 21st ), anyone can take their photo in front of the Aloha Monument to win a special prize!!

Aloha Monument Access


ハワイゆ~たうん ・ Hawai Yu-Town

2015.08.10 (Mon)


Hawai Yu-Town is a hot springs facility that opened in 1993. Its high, glass-fitted ceiling creates an open atmosphere, and with its modern style and spacious baths, Hawai Yu-Town is an ideal place to soak in a hot spring and relax.

  • Location: 204-2 Kamiasozu, Yurihama
  • Hours of Operation:
    【Regular Workdays】9am – 9pm
    【Thursdays (excluding the 4th Thursday of every month)】5pm – 9pm
    ※Entry closes at 8:30pm
    Closed: 4th Thursday of every month (in the event this is a holiday, Hawai Yu-Town will be closed the following weekday)
  • TEL: 0858-35-4919 (Japanese)          E-mail:
  • Admission: High School and above: 360円      Elementary and Junior High School Students: 210円



場  所:湯梨浜町上浅津204-2
時  間:【通常営業】午前9時~午後9時
休 館 日:毎月第4木曜日(祝日の場合は翌日)
問い合せ:電話0858-35-4919     E-mail
料  金:高校生以上360円、小中学生210円