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2017.06.07 (Wed)



Venue:         Shiokaze no Oka Tomari
1313 Tomari, Yurihama-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori-ken

Registration Deadline: GGPR3
Registration Fee: 1,000 yen per person
(Special price for exchange students and foreigners living in Japan! Includes lunch for both days and commemorative goods)


  1. Free shuttle bus service available from Tottori Station, Central Tottori General Office (in front of TPIEF’s Kurayoshi office), or Yonago Station.
  2. Rental clubs and balls will be available for use at no extra charge.
  3. Gameplay will follow the rules set forth by the Japan Ground Golf Association.
  4. The event will still be held in the event of rain; however, the event is subject to change in the event of severe weather.
  5. There will be an optional welcome reception held on Thursday, October 19, 2017, before the tournament begins. This is free for all participants to attend.

Learn more here!GGPR4

Inquiries & Applications:

International GG Open Executive Committee
〒682-0723 Tottori-ken, Tohaku-gun, Yurihama-cho, Hisadome 19-1
E-mail:               TEL: 0858-35-5368
– OR –
Yurihama Coordinator for International Relations – Julianna Keleher
E-mail:           TEL: 0858-35-5311


WTC鳥取大会・湯梨浜天女ウォーク 報告

2016.11.29 (Tue)


On 16 October 2016, Yurihama hosted the 3rd annual Yurihama Celestial Maiden Walk (天女ウォーク) in conjunction with the 6th annual World Trails Conference held in the Tottori Prefecture of Japan. There were 3 different courses available, including the 4km Laid-Back & Lively Walk (らくらく&わんぱくウォーク) especially for families and young children, the 5km Lake Togo & Retro Streetscape Course (東郷湖とレトロな街並みウォーク) for those wanting a comfortable and celestial-maiden-walk-2refreshing walk, and the 18km Lake Togo & Mt. Uma Walk (東郷湖と馬ノ山を巡る道ウォーク) for those looking for a challenge and the chance to really experience the history and natural beauty of Yurihama. In total, there were approximately 870 walkers who participated, with an additional 40 who took part in a special tour course held the day before.

The departure ceremonies were kicked off with a hula performance by local hula group Friendship Hawaii as well as remarks by Mayor Masamichi Miyawaki. Those participating in the 4km and 5km walks were treated to a special appearance by Olympic gold medalist Mr. Kenji Ogiwara (who also joined in as a guest walker), governor of Tottori Prefecture Mr. Shinji Hirai, and Japanese actress Ms. Miori Takimoto.


There were pear-tasting stations, a ground golf hole-in-one game, and various shops and vendors set up as well, creating a fun and festive atmosphere. Participants were invited to try shijimi clam miso soup, made using the large shijimi clams from Lake Togo, ogre-shaped sweets made by the Oniyome Demon Bride Association, and much, much more!



Thank you to everyone for coming out! Although the walking festival is over, we invite you to come by anytime and enjoy walking the beautiful trails here in Yurihama before soaking your feet in one of Yurihama’s 7 onsen hot springs footbaths found around Lake Togo♪




2016湯梨浜町GG国際交流大会 報告

2016.11.04 (Fri)




A special welcome reception and social mixer was held for the GG open participants on 1 October 2016 (Saturday), at the Suimeiso Hotel in Yurihama, following a productive meeting of representatives regarding the further internationalization and promotion of the sport.

The ground golf open kicked off the next day with an opening ceremony, with remarks from the event chairman and mayor of Yurihama, Mr. Masamichi Miyawaki, honorary event chairman and governor of Tottori Prefecture, Mr. Shinji Hirai, and head of thggpic1e Japan Ground Golf Association, Mr. Kazuo Sonoyama.

Blessed with perfect weather, players were able to enjoy a full day of ground golf. Many participants commented on how it was a fantastic game for building relationships and enjoying the outdoors with friends.




★Extended Deadline to Apply for the 2016 International GG Open!!★

2016.08.31 (Wed)

GG Open Title

The deadline to register for the 2016 Yurihama International Ground Golf Open has been extended to Monday, September 5!!GG Open Yuririn

Come and join us at Yurihama’s ground golf course Shiokaze no Oka Tomari on Sunday, October 2nd, for a day full of ground golf, fun, and new friends!

GG Open Flyer

Ground golf is like a mix between croquet and mini-golf, making it a fantastic way to mingle with friends and new acquaintances while you get some fresh air and exercise. It is simple enough that beginners can quickly catch on, but still challenging enough to whip up your competitive spirit!

For those new to Tottori, this is a great way to get to know the area and to make new friends! There are shuttle buses available from Tottori Station, Yonago Station, and in front of TPIEF’s Kurayoshi office, so there is no need to worry about transportation! However, if you drive, there is also parking available at the venue.

 It is only 1000 yen to attend (includes lunch and souvenirs) and free rental gear is available! There is also time to practice and learn the rules before the start of the tournament.

GG Open Schedule

For more details, see the 2016 Yurihama International GG Open Event Details.


To apply, please complete the application form and submit it to: or

There is also an optional networking event the night before the tournament.
For more details, please see Attachment 1 International GG Open Attendee Social Mixer.


GG Open Application


Please direct any inquiries and submit applications to:
International GG Open Executive Committee
〒682-0723 Tottori-ken, Tohaku-gun, Yurihama-cho, Hisadome 19-1
E-mail:   TEL: 0858-35-5368


– OR –

Yurihama Coordinator for International Relations – Julianna Keleher
E-mail:            TEL: 0858-35-5311


2016湯梨浜町GG国際交流大会 募集

2016.08.05 (Fri)

2016 International GG Open 2016 International GG Open Info

9:00am – 9:30am  Registration and Ground Golf Lessons & Practice
10:00am – 10:40am  Opening Ceremony
11:30am – 3:30pm  Gameplay
4:00pm – 4:30pm  Awards & Closing Ceremony

Deadline to Enter:           Friday, August 26th. 2016

Shuttle Service:
Free shuttle bus service available. Pickup/Drop-off locations include: Tottori Station, Central Tottori General Office (in front of TPIEF’s Kurayoshi office), or Yonago Station.

Entry Fee:
1,000円 per person (includes bento lunchbox and special perks!)


  1. Players will complete 2 rounds of 8 holes.
  2. Gameplay will be individual. Those assigned to Group A will use the inside and multi-purpose area courses, while those assigned to Group B will use the outside and cape courses during gameplay. The final ranking will be determined for each group based on the player’s total number of strokes.


  1. Players will complete 2 rounds of 8 holes.
  2. Players will be split into 2 groups (Group A and Group B) for gameplay and ranking.
  3. Clubs and balls used must be equipment approved by the Japan Ground Golf Association.    ※Gear and markers will be available for use at no charge.
  4. Gameplay will follow the rules established by the Japan Ground Golf Association.
  5. Subject to change in the event of bad weather.
  6. All participants will receive GG memorabilia and a certificate of participation.


Please direct any inquiries and submit applications to:
International GG Open Executive Committee
〒682-0723 Tottori-ken, Tōhaku-gun, Yurihama-chō, Hisadome 19-1
TEL: 0858-35-5368   FAX: 0858-35-5387

・ Tokyo (Haneda Airport) ⇒ Tottori Conan Airport (Approx. 1 hr 20 min) ⇒ Train/Bus (Approx. 1 hr)
・ Tokyo (Haneda Airport) ⇒ Yonago Kitarō Airport (Approx. 1 hr 25 min)⇒ Train/Bus (Approx. 1 hr)
・ Kansai International Airport ⇒ Kobe/Kansai Int’l Airport Bay Shuttle ⇒ Kobe Airport
⇒Yonago Kitarō Airport (Approx. 1 hr 30 min) ⇒ Train/Bus (Approx. 1 hr)
・ Kansai International Airport ⇒ Train/Bus (Approx. 5 hrs)


2016 Yurihama Junior GG Tournament★

2016.07.28 (Thu)

Junior GG Title

Yurihama will be hosting the 11th annual Junior Ground Golf Birthplace Tournament at Shiokaze no Oka Tomari on Saturday, August 6 (next weekend!) Junior GG Flyer
Each year, elementary school-aged children come from all across Japan come to Yurihama to participate in the Junior GG Birthplace Tournament and enjoy ground golf in the spirit of friendly competition at the hometown park of the sport, Shiokaze no Oka Tomari.

Ground golf has only a few rules and doesn’t require a high level of stamina, so even first time players of any age and fitness level can join in, have fun, and possibly even come in first- making it the perfect game for such an event.

Junior GG Flyer 2This year’s tournament will be held on Saturday, August 6. Optional events are also scheduled for the following day, allowing the kids to enjoy the warm summer and Yurihama’s beautiful ocean and sandy beaches. Courses include a fun day of boat fishing, catching sazae turban shells, or playing in the ocean and making dried squid.


For more information, see the tournament’s official site (Japanese) at:



Ground Golf 。★。 グラウンド・ゴルフ

2015.10.21 (Wed)


Ground golf was invented in 1982 by the former village of Tomari’s (now part of Yurihama) Board of Education as a part of an initiative to promote lifelong sports. As it doesn’t require a high level of skill and the rules are extremely simple, anyone can quickly catch on and take part. Yurihama’s Birthplace of Ground Golf Open is held each year at Shiokaze no Oka Tomari, which is filled with many participants from all across Japan.