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2019.03.25 (Mon)


Just visiting the big cities during your stay but still hoping for a taste of the Japanese countryside? Why not visit the Tottori-Okayama Shimbashikan, conveniently located right outside the Ginza Exit of the JR Shimbashi Station?

This outlet shop features a variety of goods, treats, and souvenirs from both Tottori Prefecture (including products from Yurihama!) and Okayama Prefecture- as well as occasional promotional booths and events!

You can also enjoy a delicious meal at the Bistro Café Momotenashiya, located on the second floor of the building. The dishes served feature fresh ingredients from both Tottori and Okayama. Information for tourists and those interested in moving to either prefecture is available on the second floor as well.

btottoriokayamashimbashikanpearStop on by and get a taste of Tottori! We hope to see you there!


Visit Tottori and Okayama’s antenna shop online at:

Or get the latest news and updates on their Facebook page HERE.



Yuririn Goods

2017.05.31 (Wed)


YuririnMerchandiseToteYuririn Tote Bags

Available at the Town Planning Division
(Town Hall 2F)
800 yen


Yuririn Pin Badge
Available at the Town Planning Division
(Town Hall 2F)
200 yen

YuririnMerchandiseShirtYuririn T-Shirts
Available at Uemura (306-6 Tajiri, Yurihama)
Prices vary.


・。☆ゆりりんグッズ・Yuririn Merchandise☆。・

2016.04.20 (Wed)

Yuririn MerchandisePin Badge 1

Yurihama is pleased to announce 2 new tote bag designs (below)!

A fun addition to anyone’s collection, these cute and versatile tote bags are made with a sturdier fabric than earlier versions and are large enough to meet your daily needs without becoming a hassle.

These new tote bags are available at the Planning Division of the town office for 800円 while supplies last.


Pin badges are also available at the Planning Division for 200円 and T-shirts are on sale at Uemura’s (306-6 Tajiri, Yurihama) for 980円.
See more merchandise online at: