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2017.11.07 (Tue)


The 3rd Matsuzaki Genki Matsuri will be held at the Yurihama Central Community Center (505 Ryuto, Yurihama) on November 12 from 9:30am until 1pm.

 Come and enjoy various stage events, local food, handmade goods, locally grown vegetables, a flea market, games, pastel art, and more. You will also be able to enjoy a relaxing massage, check your memory, and learn more about disaster prevention and preparedness.



松崎駅前 軽トラ市

2017.05.26 (Fri)


Come and join us in Matsuzaki for the K-Truck Market, featuring a flea market, cooking lessons using emergencies rations, fresh vegetables and fish vendors, various crafts, and more!

Saturday, May 27, 2017
9am – 12pm
Near Matsuzaki Station
(parking lot of the now-closed supermarket)




2017.03.03 (Fri)



  The earthquake that struck central Tottori in October of 2016, registering a little under 6 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale, helped usher in a renewed interest in earthquake and tsunami  preparedness among the residents of the prefecture.

   In response to that and to help enhance awareness surrounding measures to be taken to protect and assist both yourself and others, the Yurihama Lecture on Disaster Preparedness will be held at 10am on Sunday, March 3rd, at the Yurihama Central Community Center. The special guest lecturer, Tottori University Honorary Professor Mr. Ryohei Nishida, will discuss seismic activity in Tottori Prefecture and its surrounding areas and what residents can do to prepare for future earthquake emergency situations.

           ※Lecture will be given in Japanese.


Yurihama Lecture on Disaster Preparedness湯梨浜町防災講演会

Date & Time: Sunday, March 5, 2017  10 – 11:30am
日 時  平成29年3月5日(日) 10時00分~11時30分
Location:  Yurihama Central Community Center (505 Ryūtō, Yurihama)
場 所  中央公民館大講堂  (湯梨浜町龍島505)



2017.02.08 (Wed)


The Yurihama International Friendship Association (YIFA) teamed up with the residents of Yurihama’s Higashi Tajiri district to host an international get-together on Sunday, January 29, bringing together a mix of local residents and foreigners living in central Tottori for a fun and eventful afternoon.%e3%81%9f%e3%81%93%e7%84%bc%e3%81%8d

Over 100 participants of all ages from all across the globe, including Russia, Hungary, France, the Philippines, Japan and more, connected as they chatted, enjoyed riceballs and takoyaki, listened to a lecture about disaster preparedness, tried their hand at chigiri-e (Japanese torn paper art), and more

Thank you to everyone for coming out and we hope to see you again soon at the next YIFA-sponsored event!








多文化のつどい・Multicultural Gathering

2017.01.23 (Mon)


The Yurihama International Friendship Association (YIFA) and Higashi Tajiri district of Yurihama are working in cooperation to host a multicultural get-together to help foster friendships and understanding between the local多文化のつどい residents and slowly but surely increasing number of foreigners living in the area.

Attendees are welcome to help make and enjoy takoyaki and onigiri, try their hand at traditional chigiri-e (torn paper) art, and listen to a special guest lecture on disaster prevention and preparedness.

There is no need to register in advance and it is free to attend. The event will be held next Sunday (1/29) from 11am-3pm at the Higashi Tajiri Community Center.

Feel free to drop-in at any time- we hope to see you there!

Date: Sunday, January 29, 2017
11am – 3pm

Place: Higashi Tajiri Community Center
(behind the Ajiso supermarket)