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2018.08.12 (Sun)


Join us at Yurihama’s Chinese Garden Enchoen for a wonderful night of entertainment, including various food vendors, captivating Chinese water acrobatics, and a dazzling display featuring 2,000 fireworks!



中国茶セレモニーin中国庭園燕趙園 報告

2018.03.21 (Wed)



中国茶セレモニー2平成30年2月18日(日)に、湯梨浜町国際交流協会(YIFA)は中国庭園燕趙園で中国茶セレモニーのイベントを開催しました。神戸に住んでいらっしゃる中国茶インストラクター周 向真氏が講師として中国茶の分類やそれぞれの健康効果を紹介されました。その後、参加者は数多くの種類を試飲し、交流を深めました。


The Yurihama International Friendship Association (YIFA) hosted a Chinese tea ceremony event at the Enchoen Chinese Garden on Sunday, February 18, 2018. 中国茶セレモニー3Guest instructor Ms. Koushin Shu, who teaches about Chinese teas in Kobe, introduced the various types of Chinese tea and spoke about their different health benefits. Following the lecture, participants were treated to a sampling of several delicious and fragrant teas.





2018.01.23 (Tue)


 The Yurihama International Friendship Association (YIFA) holds events throughout the year aimed at promoting cross-cultural understanding. This February, YIFA invites you to come and enjoy a traditional Chinese tea ceremony led by Ms. Shu Koushin at the Enchoen Chinese Garden.

Instructor          Ms. Shu Koushin
Location            Enchoen Chinese Garden (565-1 Hikiji, Yurihama)
Date                 Sunday, February 18, 2018
Time                 Class A: 1:30 – 2:30pm      Class B: 3:00 – 4:00pm
Fee                   YIFA Member 300円     Non-Member 500円

Inquiries & Application to Attend
Yurihama Town Planning Division
TEL: 0858-35-5311
E-mail: (Coordinator for International Relations)




★アロハ・カーニバル★ Just a few days left!!

2016.08.17 (Wed)

Aloha Carnival Title

  This year’s Aloha Carnival will be wrapping up this coming weekend, but there is still plenty to do!

Enchoen Petting Zoo

Aloha Carnival Schedule 1

※Chinese Garden Enchoen
565-1 Hikiji, Yurihama-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori-ken, Japan 〒689-0715

Aloha Monument Statue

  Get your own original miniature Aloha Monument by take a picture in front of Yurihama’s Aloha Monument (along Lake Tōgō near Hawai Yu-town), staying at one of the participating Japanese inns and hotels, or spending over ¥1,000 at one of the participating local restaurants.

Aloha Monument Statue 1


中国庭園燕趙園 ・ Chinese Garden Enchoen

2015.12.11 (Fri)


Making use of the beauty of the area surrounding Lake Tōgō, Chinese Garden Enchoen is an authentic Chinese garden that opened in 1995. It was constructed in the style of those built and beloved by Chinese emperors, with all materials for the buildings and stones for the garden specifically made in and imported from China. Inside the garden, guests can experience traditional Chinese culture through performances- including Chinese acrobatics, lion dance performances, and more. Enchoen is one of the largest Chinese gardens in Japan, serving as a foothold in the friendship between China and Japan.


TEL: 0858-32-2180


龍踊り・Dragon Dance

2015.09.24 (Thu)


When interest towards China increased in Yurihama with the establishment of Enchoen and Ryuhōkaku, the young entrepreneur group of the former town of Tōgō’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s created the dragon dance executive committee in 1996. The dragon dance is a traditional folk art passed down all throughout China since ancient times. The dragon costume, weighing roughly 20kg and measuring about 20m long, is held up by several supporters, who perform a winding dance to the accompaniment of taiko drums and gongs. This dance has become a symbol of the spread of Chinese culture to the people of Yurihama.