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Aloha Monument ・ アロハ・モニュメント

2016.06.16 (Thu)

Aloha Monument

Aloha Monument Photo

  In June of 2014, Yurihama unveiled the Aloha Monument as it kicked off its first Aloha Carnival. The monument was constructed to commemorate both the 10th anniversary of the creation of the town through merging the former towns of Hawai, Tomari, and Tōgō, and to celebrate the ongoing friendship and exchange between Yurihama and Hawaii.


  The Aloha Monument is located in Yurihama’s Tōgō Hawai Seaside Park (near the Driving License Center and across the way from Hawai Yu~Town), against a breathtaking backdrop of the beauty of Lake Tōgō and the surrounding natural greenery. Attempting to capture just a bit of the aloha spirit, the monument is engraved with 2 hands making Hawaii’s shaka sign as well as a heart, making it a fun photo op for visitors to the park (especially couples!).

If you are ever in the area, stop on by and take your own photo posing in front of the Aloha Monument!☆


As part of this year’s Aloha Carnival (happening all throughout Yurihama July 1st through August 21st ), anyone can take their photo in front of the Aloha Monument to win a special prize!!

Aloha Monument Access


♪東郷羽合臨海公園 ・ Tōgō Hawai Seaside Park♪

2015.03.11 (Wed)


Extending from the shores of Lake Tōgō to the Hawai beach on the shores of the Sea of Japan, Tōgō Hawai Seaside Park is a large waterfront park built for sports and recreation. Activities are mainly centered around its sports facility, but visitors can enjoy fishing and leisurely walks as well. The park’s multi-purpose facility, “Hawai Yume Hiroba,” was constructed with a style of roof rarely seen in Japan built to accommodate all types of weather.