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2017.09.20 (Wed)


Appointed by Yurihama Mayor Masamichi Miyawaki as a
one of the town’s community revitalization coordinators in April 2017,
Yoshimoto comedian Kato Appli (加藤アプリ) has been living and growing 20th Century pears in the Miyauchi district of Yurihama while working to promote Yurihama and its delicious and juicy pears to people all throughout Japan for the past 5 and a half months.

Kato Appli came to Yurihama as part of a joint project with the Yoshimoto Creative Agency Co. Ltd. meant to contribute towards efforts to advance sixth-sector industrialization (which involves vertical integration by agricultural producers by combining the processing and distribution of their products into their operations ) and promoting pear sales. The ultimate goal includes helping the rural farm industry improve profitability as well as helping to secure the next generation of farmers.

As the pear season kicks into full swing, Appli has been busy spreading the word about Yurihama and its appetizing pears while harvesting his own crop of 20th Century pears.

With 10 years of experience as a chef under his belt, Appli has additionally worked with Yurihama’s Restaurant Kikka to create the “Yurihama Triple Ramen,” which introduces Yurihama’s shijimi clams and hirame (flatfish) to the region’s famous gyūkotsu beef broth ramen. He also makes regular appearances at local events, where he has showcased Yurihama puns, including “arigatōgō “ (a play on words using “arigatō (thank you)” and Tōgō) and “Yurihamax.”


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梨出荷式 Yurihama Pear Shipping Ceremony

2016.09.14 (Wed)

初出荷式 タイトル

On Monday, August 22nd, Yurihama hosted its annual ceremony to celebrate this year’s first shipment of its crisp and delicious 20th Century Pears.初出荷式 町長

   With special guests that included one of Tottori’s representative in the House of Councillors Mr. Shoji Maitachi and the members of the Yurihama Town Council, the ceremony kicked off with remarks by the Mayor, accompanied by the town mascot Yuririn, followed by a traditional dance by a local women’s association, an adorable and lively performance by a local kindergarten, and the presentation of pears to the drivers by the Nashi Musume (Pear Maidens).

   As pears are one of Yurihama’s specialties, the town tree is the pear tree and pears are even represented in the name of the town (the “RI” in Yurihama is written with 梨, which is the character for “pear”).  Yurihama is also known for its shijimi clams, rock oysters, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, and more★

初出荷式 おどり初出荷式 梨娘

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.・:☆ Yurihama no Shiki ☆:・.

2016.01.06 (Wed)


Yurihama no Shiki (Yurihama’s 4 Seasons) is an assortment of processed goods made from ingredients brought up in Yurihama’s abounding nature, including the area’s specialty 20th century pears and large Japanese plums.



東郷音頭・Tōgō Ondo

2015.09.02 (Wed)


This workman’s march was written to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the former town of Tōgō. Prospective lyrics were solicited from the public, and the final lyrics were selected by a screening committee which included Kurayoshi’s famed woodblock artist Tomisaburo Hasegawa. A light song about Yurihama’s pears and the lakeshore, this song has become well-known in the area and is used for Tōgō’s Obon dance, among other aYuririnnnual events.