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2016.10.31 (Mon)












Red Line

こういう異文化交流イベントや世界中からの興味深い話に関心を持っていらっしゃる方は、湯梨浜町国際交流協会の会員になってみたらいかがでしょうか。興味がある方は、役場企画課(TEL 35-5311)までお気軽にお問い合わせください。お待ちしています♪☆

If you are interested in learning more about YIFA, please do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator for International Relations at the Yurihama Town Office (TEL: 35-5311). Everyone is welcome to join- regardless of nationality, Japanese ability, or whether you would be able to attend all events!☆



2016.09.06 (Tue)


Presentation on Thailand

 日時:       2016年9月17日(土)午後2時〜4時Yuririn1
 場所 :      Cafe ippo カフェ イッポ (0858-35-6161)
                             湯梨浜町南谷573 夢広場入口
内容:       タイ紹介、簡単なタイ語の学習、交流
お茶代:    ¥700  ドリンクバー & 焼菓子セット
申込み締切:            2016年9月14日(水)
申込み先: 湯梨浜町役場企画課  牧田 、ジュリアナ  TEL:

 Thai Picture

The Yurihama International Friendship Association (YIFA) will be hosting an international exchange event featuring exchange students from Thailand!

Come and join us for a basic introduction to Thailand and the Thai language- as well as for friendship and exchange!♪

Date:      Saturday, September 17th       2pm ~ 4pm
Place:     Café ippo (0858-35-6161)       573 Minami-Tani, Yurihama
(near the Yume Hiroba)
Cost:       700 yen (for drink bar and baked sweets)
Feel free to mingle while you enjoy the snacks after the presentation!
Deadline:              Wednesday, September 14th

To sign up to attend (or if you have any questions),
please contact Yurihama’s Coordinator for International Relations at: 0858-35-5311

Hope to see you there!



2016.08.12 (Fri)

Aloha Carnival Title

            Don’t forget!! Yurihama’s Aloha Carnival ends Sunday, August 21- so there is only a little over a week left to enjoy this year’s events and gourmet! Be sure to take advantage of the time remaining by enjoying the Hawaii-inspired menus, Kona coffee, water sports, and more!

Water Sports


50percent off sign
When:    Sundays 10am – 5pm
Where:    Café ippo
Lake Tuber   ¥700 adults, ¥500 high school and under  (10 minutes)
SUP (Stand-Up Paddle Boarding) 
¥1000 adults,¥800 high school and under  (30 minutes)
Canoe      ¥1000 adults,¥700 high school and under  (60 minutes)

ALL water sports will be half-off this Sunday (8/14)!! Come and join in the fun!


Terrace Yoga



When:    Sunday, August 14  6pm – 7pm
Where:    Café ippo
What:      Yoga on Café ippo’s outdoor terrace
Cost:       ¥500