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2017 Yurukyara Grand Prix Reminder

2017.09.29 (Fri)


The competition is getting fierce as we approach the 2 month mark for the 2017 Yurukyara Grand Prix. Please show your support by helping Yuririn promote Yurihama by casting your vote daily!

Register your ID here:
Vote for Yuririn here:



2017.08.09 (Wed)




Affiliation: Yurihama, Tottori PrefectureYurukyaraGrandPrix3



Yuririn is the town’s celestial maiden mascot character that was designed in 2012 incorporating elements of the towns specialty products, a local legend of a celestial maiden, as well as the town’s ties to Hawaii County (Hawaii, USA) and its own Hawai district.

Her hair is the bright green color of the region’s famous 20th Century Pears, and the flowers adorning her hair are the beautiful pear blossoms that bloom each spring.

She wears a light blue shawl representing heavenly robes (hagoromo) and a colorful lei made of the evening glory flowers that appear in the Legend of the Celestial Maiden.

Yurihama is located along the coast off the Sea of Japan, and her flowing dress symbolizes the rolling waves of the sea.

The lei and her dress are also meant to give her a Hawaiian feel to represent Yurihama’s sister-city relationship with Hawaii County and past promotional campaigns calling the town the “Hawaii of Japan” due to its Hawai district (formerly the town of Hawai).


For a step-by-step walkthrough, please see this blog’s old post from 2015 detailing how to register and vote here.


For more information, please visit the website (Japanese):




Yuririn Goods

2017.05.31 (Wed)


YuririnMerchandiseToteYuririn Tote Bags

Available at the Town Planning Division
(Town Hall 2F)
800 yen


Yuririn Pin Badge
Available at the Town Planning Division
(Town Hall 2F)
200 yen

YuririnMerchandiseShirtYuririn T-Shirts
Available at Uemura (306-6 Tajiri, Yurihama)
Prices vary.


・。☆ゆりりんグッズ・Yuririn Merchandise☆。・

2016.04.20 (Wed)

Yuririn MerchandisePin Badge 1

Yurihama is pleased to announce 2 new tote bag designs (below)!

A fun addition to anyone’s collection, these cute and versatile tote bags are made with a sturdier fabric than earlier versions and are large enough to meet your daily needs without becoming a hassle.

These new tote bags are available at the Planning Division of the town office for 800円 while supplies last.


Pin badges are also available at the Planning Division for 200円 and T-shirts are on sale at Uemura’s (306-6 Tajiri, Yurihama) for 980円.
See more merchandise online at:



★Vote Yuririn!! ☆

2015.10.14 (Wed)

Don’t forget that voting for the 2015 Yurukyara Grand Prix lasts until 6pm on Monday, November 16th, 2015! Please help Yurihama’s celestial maiden character Yuririn as she spreads word of Yurihama’s onsens, pears, beaches, and charm.☆

You can directly vote for Yuririn at:
For more information, please visit the website (Japanese):

Or see my original post on this year’s contest here.

Thank you for your support!


.。・★ 2015 Yurukyara Grand Prix ★・。.       ・・ ゆるキャラグランプリ2015 ・・

2015.08.19 (Wed)

About the Yurukyara Grand Prix

The Yurukyara Grand Prix is an annual showdown between mascots from all across Japan. Directly translated as “loose characters,” yuru-kyara are typically designed to be cute and approachable and are often used by governments, businesses, and other organizations throughout Japan for promotional purposes.

Past winners have included Kumamon (Kumamoto Prefecture), Bary-san (Imabari, Ehime Prefecture), and Sanomaru (Sano, Tochigi Prefecture). Gunma-chan, from Gunma Prefecture, took top place in last year’s event.

Vote Yuririn

For the 3rd year in a row, Yurihama’s own celestial maiden character, Yuririn, has entered this contest to promote Yurihama’s and spread word of its majestic beaches, delicious 20th century pears, and relaxing onsen (for starters).

Voting for the 2015 Yurukyara Grand Prix is open from 10a.m. August 17th and runs through November 16th, 2015. You can register for free to vote at the Yurukyara Grand Prix’s website and then vote one time per day throughout the voting timeframe!

☆Please help Yuririn in promoting Yurihama by voting early and often!!☆


How to Register ・ ID登録方法
Register to Vote!

The first step is to register on the Yurukyara Grand Prix website and create your login ID. You only need to register the first time you go to vote (you will use the e-mail and password registered to login and vote from then on).

  1. Go to the Yurukyara Grand Prix website’s ID registration page:
  1. Click on the link to send a blank e-mail to:
                                                You can also copy and paste/type it into your preferred e-mail platform
  1. Check your e-mail for an automated response from the Yurukyara Grand Prix administrators (make sure to check your spam folder if it doesn’t pop up after a while).
  2. Follow the link in the e-mail to set up your password and finish your registration. To set up your password, type your desired password in both of the boxes (one is for confirmation purposes). Then press the「本登録する」button.
    Enter desired password
  3. You should then see the message below. This just means that you have successfully completed your registration and no further action is necessary to complete the process. You can now move on to the voting stage!
    Registration Complete


How to Vote ・ 投票方法

After you register your e-mail and set your password, you will able to log in and vote! You are allowed to vote 1 time per day (everyday) through the end of the voting period (November 16th).

  1. Go to the Yurukyara Grand Prix website’s voting page:
  1. Scroll down and click on the prefecture for your desired character. Tottori

There are also links for non-Japanese characters (click the 海外 button) and the mascots for businesses/other organizations (click the 企業・その他 button).Vote Map
or use the search bar found below the map

Search Bar

(if you cannot find your character, try using hiragana instead of romaji).

  1. Click on your desired character from the ones shown.
    Vote Yuririn!!
  2. Vote using the button on your selected character’s page.
    Cast your vote!

You will be asked to put in your address, password, and human verification code.


You can directly vote for Yuririn at:


For more information, please visit the website (Japanese):


♪ ゆりりんグッズ ☆ Yuririn Goods Now on Sale! ♪

2014.12.15 (Mon)

Yuririn Goods!