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2019.02.19 (Tue)


Yurihama’s Central Community Center, located in the Tōgō area of Yurihama near the Yurihama Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Tōgō Branch of the Yurihama Town Hall, is a popular venue for a wide range of events, seminars, and club activities. There are also various exhibitions held in the lobby for anyone to enjoy (those interested in organizing a display should contact the administration office for more information).


・For a listing of clubs (in Japanese) meeting at the Central Community Center, please visit:

・For a calendar of events (in Japanese) to be held at the Central Community Center, please see the 中央公民館だより(Chūō Kōminkan-dayori):

・For information on facilities available and hourly rates for room rentals (in Japanese), please visit:

Community Center Main Facilities Address Phone
Central Community Center
(Chūō Kōmin-kan)
Conference Rooms,
Tatami Room,
Training Rooms,
AV Room, Kitchen
505 Ryūtō 32-1116
Central Community Center
Hawai Branch(Chūō Kōmin-kan
Hawai Bunkan)
Conference Rooms,
Tatami Room,
Room, Kitchen
584 Hawai Nagase 35-5344
Central Community Center
Tomari Branch(Chūō Kōmin-kan
Tomari Bunkan)
Training Room, Large Conference
Room, Kitchen
1204-1 Tomari 34-3011




2019.02.12 (Tue)


Yurihama is proud to present the Yurihama AR Spot Guide! This guide lays out various points of interest along Yurihama’s many walking trails where AR (augmented reality) spots have been installed with informational videos for your enjoyment (Japanese only).

To view these clips, you just need to download the free app COCOAR2 (ココアル2) from the App Shop or Google Play Store and scan the designated signs!

The Yurihama AR Spot Guides are available throughout town, so pick up your copy today! We hope you enjoy!!




2月 英語の読み聞かせ

2019.02.08 (Fri)




2019.02.04 (Mon)


The first Yururin Market will be held from 10am-2pm at the newly opened Exchange Center Yururinkan!

 Everyone is invited to drop by and enjoy a flea market, food vendors (including taiyaki, takoyaki, onigiri, gaprao rice bowls, etc.), accessories, balloons, and more at the first Yururin Market!!byururinmarketdate

We hope to see you there!!



国際理解講座 オーストラリア メルボルン編

2019.01.29 (Tue)


  In this cross-cultural seminar, Yurihama International Friendship Association member Mr. Jun Asakura will discuss intercultural communicative competence while drawing on his experience studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia, from March- October, 2018. This lecture will include insights into what Mr. Asakura learned from his homestay experience and time at a language school, as well as a brief introduction to Melbourne’s famous tourist attractions.


This intercultural understanding seminar is open to everyone and is free to attend, so we hope to see you there!☆




2019.01.21 (Mon)


A worldwide ground golf tournament will be held in Yurihama
as part of the 2021 Kansai World Masters Games!

 Held once every 4 years following the summer Olympics, the World Masters Games (WMG) is the world’s largest international life-long sports festival for athletes over the age of 30.

Participants are able to register online to compete in any number of sports (participants can sign-up for more than one sport with no try-out!) for the chance to win the gold while making new friends and memories.

Yurihama is excited to be the official venue for the ground golf competition to be held as part of the 2021 World Masters Games, which will be held throughout the Kansai region of Japan.

As even first time players have a good chance of an upset victory, the ground golf games promise to be an interesting affair!

Visit the official website of the organizing committee (see link below) for more information and keep an eye out for when registration is opened (tentatively set for February 2020~February 2021)!

There is still plenty of time before registration, but it’s never too early to start making plans to attend! We hope you will consider taking part in the ground golf tournament and experience more of what Japan has to offer outside of the busy cities!!

WMG 2021 English Site:


湯梨浜町紹介:JR泊駅 Yurihama Train Stations: Tomari Station

2019.01.14 (Mon)


The Tomari Station (泊駅・Tomari Eki) is one of the two railway stations in Yurihama (Tottori Prefecture, Japan). It is an unmanned station found along the Sanin Main Line of the West Japan Railway Company between Yurihama’s Matsuzaki Station and Aoya Station. It is located in the Tomari area of Yurihama (see map below), providing easy access to the Tomari Summer Festival, Tomari Fishing Port, Shiokaze no Oka Tomari (Tomari Sea Breeze Hill) dedicated ground golf course, and more.


1TomariStn3To ride the one-man operated trains (ワンマン列車) that stop at this station, patrons should board via the door on the end of the first car of the train and should use the door at the front when getting off.

Please note that you will not be able to use bills larger than a 1000yen note to pay for your fare on the train, so be sure to have some smaller change available!

Prices are subject to change and visitors should check for any updated fares, but it currently costs 240円 for a ticket to Kurayoshi Station (a larger station in the neighboring city where travelers can transfer lines), 190円 for a ticket to Matsuzaki Station (the other station in Yurihama in the Tomari area), 500円 to Tottori Station, and 1140円 to Yonago Station via the regular train.

Please be aware that you will need to pay extra for the special express trains, so be sure to double check what train you board to avoid any surprises!!

We hope you come by and visit us in Yurihama!☆