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2016.01.01 (Fri)

Happy New Year!ハッピーニューイヤー

♪~Wishing you the best in 2016 from Yurihama~♪



.。・★ 2015 Yurukyara Grand Prix ★・。.       ・・ ゆるキャラグランプリ2015 ・・

2015.08.19 (Wed)

About the Yurukyara Grand Prix

The Yurukyara Grand Prix is an annual showdown between mascots from all across Japan. Directly translated as “loose characters,” yuru-kyara are typically designed to be cute and approachable and are often used by governments, businesses, and other organizations throughout Japan for promotional purposes.

Past winners have included Kumamon (Kumamoto Prefecture), Bary-san (Imabari, Ehime Prefecture), and Sanomaru (Sano, Tochigi Prefecture). Gunma-chan, from Gunma Prefecture, took top place in last year’s event.

Vote Yuririn

For the 3rd year in a row, Yurihama’s own celestial maiden character, Yuririn, has entered this contest to promote Yurihama’s and spread word of its majestic beaches, delicious 20th century pears, and relaxing onsen (for starters).

Voting for the 2015 Yurukyara Grand Prix is open from 10a.m. August 17th and runs through November 16th, 2015. You can register for free to vote at the Yurukyara Grand Prix’s website and then vote one time per day throughout the voting timeframe!

☆Please help Yuririn in promoting Yurihama by voting early and often!!☆


How to Register ・ ID登録方法
Register to Vote!

The first step is to register on the Yurukyara Grand Prix website and create your login ID. You only need to register the first time you go to vote (you will use the e-mail and password registered to login and vote from then on).

  1. Go to the Yurukyara Grand Prix website’s ID registration page:
  1. Click on the link to send a blank e-mail to:
                                                You can also copy and paste/type it into your preferred e-mail platform
  1. Check your e-mail for an automated response from the Yurukyara Grand Prix administrators (make sure to check your spam folder if it doesn’t pop up after a while).
  2. Follow the link in the e-mail to set up your password and finish your registration. To set up your password, type your desired password in both of the boxes (one is for confirmation purposes). Then press the「本登録する」button.
    Enter desired password
  3. You should then see the message below. This just means that you have successfully completed your registration and no further action is necessary to complete the process. You can now move on to the voting stage!
    Registration Complete


How to Vote ・ 投票方法

After you register your e-mail and set your password, you will able to log in and vote! You are allowed to vote 1 time per day (everyday) through the end of the voting period (November 16th).

  1. Go to the Yurukyara Grand Prix website’s voting page:
  1. Scroll down and click on the prefecture for your desired character. Tottori

There are also links for non-Japanese characters (click the 海外 button) and the mascots for businesses/other organizations (click the 企業・その他 button).Vote Map
or use the search bar found below the map

Search Bar

(if you cannot find your character, try using hiragana instead of romaji).

  1. Click on your desired character from the ones shown.
    Vote Yuririn!!
  2. Vote using the button on your selected character’s page.
    Cast your vote!

You will be asked to put in your address, password, and human verification code.


You can directly vote for Yuririn at:


For more information, please visit the website (Japanese):


☆マレーシア ・ インドネシア☆

2015.01.19 (Mon)


初めて東南アジアに行ったので、新しい発見がいっぱいありましたね。特にインドネシアのジョグジャカルタの混み合う道路(特に交差点)には大変ビックリしました! 普通の車やバスやバイクなどに加え、Becak(ベチャ)という三輪自転車タクシー、Dokar(ドッカル)という馬車、Ojek (オジェック)というバイクタクシーも、車線を気にせず、攻撃的な走りをしていました。無秩序のように見えましたが、交通事故もなかったし、スピードも落ちることもなかったので、運転手たちは軽快なリズムで運転しているのでしょう…。

その後、にぎやかな市場で買い物したり(値段の駆け引きは苦手ですが…)、ガドガドやラクサ等の食べ物を試したり、インドネシアのボロブドゥール寺院遺跡群やプランバナン寺院群などの名所を観光したりしました。特に気に入ったのは、バトゥ洞窟とウブドのモンキーフォレストです。バトゥ洞窟というのは、マレーシアにあるムルガン神を祭るヒンドゥー聖地です。入るには272もの階段を登らなければならないので、本当にきつかったですが、頑張って登って良かったですね! そこは風光明媚な所で、パワースポットだと感じました。

そして、バリ島にあるウブドのモンキーフォレストに入る前には、ペットボトルを持ち込まないようにと注意されたので、水を飲みきろうとしました。そのとき突然、モンキーが私のところに飛んできて(出入口から出たかも?)、ペットボトルを取ってしまいました! どうしようと思ったら、モンキーが一瞬ペットボトルを放しましたので、そのときに奪い取りました。園内に入っても、モンキーが私と友達の頭に飛んできて座りました。バナナも販売されていましたが、残念ながら買わなかったのであげられませんでした。モンキーたちはすごく可愛かったですけど…、その夜は髪の毛を徹底的に洗いましたね(笑)。


また、通りでも何回も見ましたが、気になった果物がありました。ある日、優しいおばさんにサンプルをいただき味わってみましたが、すごくおいしかったです! 何という果物かと聞いたら、「セラク」と教えてもらいました。





♪ ゆりりんグッズ ☆ Yuririn Goods Now on Sale! ♪

2014.12.15 (Mon)

Yuririn Goods!


水と緑のオアシスとっとり2013 Oasis in Tottori 2013

2013.10.22 (Tue)

Oasis fair 1

湯梨浜町の花、「トウテイラン」もありました・In front of the Yurihama town flower, the Touteiran (Speedwell)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the 2013 National Greening Fair, which this year is in Tottori. The Fair is an annual event, promoted by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism, and this year is the 30th time it has been run. Its aim is to showcase greening events and develop cities rich in green spaces and greenery. There are events happening all over Tottori, with the main site in Koyamaike Park near Tottori city.

We had my sister-in-law,  who also happens to be the head of Brisbane City Council’s neighbourhood renewal area, visiting us as part of a Japan holiday, so a visit to a city greening fair seemed perfect. Despite a bit of rainy weather, we had a great day admiring all the different styles of gardens, as well as eating takoyaki and chatting to the very welcoming event staff.

Yurihama is a satellite event site for the fair, so an a episode of the NHK gardening show “Shumi ni Engei” was filmed at our very own Enchoen Chinese Garden, and there are greenery activities happening around the town.

The Greening Fair runs until Sunday 10 November. There’s a free shuttle bus to the event from Tottori Station, so it’s easy to get to – check it out!

先々週 「水と緑のオアシスとっとり2013」 の鳥取市湖山池公園のメイン会場を見に行ってきました。これは、全国都市緑化フェアという、緑のたくさんある都市づくりのために国土交通省が補助する花と緑の博覧会であり、今年は第30回目で鳥取県 開催しています。メイン会場以外でも鳥取県のあちらこちらでも色々なイベント行われています。





Salmon Release ・ サケ放流

2010.03.19 (Fri)

March 16 was the official release date of the salmon we have been raising at the Yurihama town office. In just three months, the salmon hatched from their eggs and grew to be over 5 cm long. With the help of the students from Hawai Elementary School, and despite some interference by nearby swans, we successfully released over 200 salmon into Lake Togo. The salmon will now make their way out to sea and begin their life in the wild. Good luck!



Japanese Hearth ・ 囲炉裏

2010.02.26 (Fri)

I recently had the opportunity to have dinner at a home equipped with a traditional Japanese hearth, called an irori. A fire is built in this rectangular pit, and serves the dual purposes of heating the home and cooking food. If you have the chance, I highly recommend giving a meal next to the irori a try. Just be prepared to smell like smoke when you are finished!