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ヒラメ ・ Flounder

2015.11.23 (Mon)


Caught in the coastal waters of the Sea of Japan, this flounder (hirame) is the classic example of a white-meat fish, with a chewy consistency and a light, pleasant and savory taste. As the prominent fish raised in Tottori’s fish farming industry, this flounder has been designated as the official fish of Tottori Prefecture. Additionally, the Tottori Prefectural Fisheries Research Center in Yurihama’s Ishikawa district is known for successfully incubating the world’s first cloned flounder.



ゆアシス東郷龍鳳閣 ・ Tōgō Yuasis Ryuhōkaku

2015.11.12 (Thu)


Using the abundant hot spring water from Tōgō Onsen, the Tōgō Yuasis Ryuhōkaku spa resort offers 10 types of baths, 3 different saunas, a 27 meter-long waterslide called the Dragon Slider, and outdoor baths overlooking Lake Tōgō- all of which guests can enter wearing swimsuits. There is also a Chinese-style bath (no swimsuit), as well as a food court, so the entire family can spend the day at this Tōgō oasis.



Inquiries・問い合せ:TEL 0858-32-2622        


鳥取県栽培漁業センター ・ Tottori Prefectural Fisheries Research Center

2015.11.03 (Tue)


Bordering the Ishiwaki swim beach, the Tottori Prefectural Fisheries Research Center boasts some of the most advanced technology in the country and promotes the research and development of aquaculture, as well as the use of bio-technology in fish seed production. In 1992, the center successfully incubated the world’s first cloned flounder (hirame).




メダカ ・ Killifish

2015.10.27 (Tue)


Measuring less than 4cm long, medaka (killifish) are small light brown fish with white underbellies. With the exception of Hokkaido, these small fish inhabit ponds, marshes, small rivers, and paddy fields all across Japan and Eastern Asia. Until about twenty years ago, medaka were essentially always expected to be found in the rivers and irrigation channels. These fish were recently sighted in a small area of Yurihama’s Ayame Pond. That area was turned into the Medaka Amusement Pond- a space restored as a natural habitat for the waterfront’s plant and animal life.



Ground Golf 。★。 グラウンド・ゴルフ

2015.10.21 (Wed)


Ground golf was invented in 1982 by the former village of Tomari’s (now part of Yurihama) Board of Education as a part of an initiative to promote lifelong sports. As it doesn’t require a high level of skill and the rules are extremely simple, anyone can quickly catch on and take part. Yurihama’s Birthplace of Ground Golf Open is held each year at Shiokaze no Oka Tomari, which is filled with many participants from all across Japan.



クレオパトラ(メロン)・Cleopatra Melons

2015.10.12 (Mon)


Yurihama’s Cleopatra melons are cultivated in the lands between the “Hawai Sand Dunes” and Tomari’s hills along the Sea of Japan. The insides of these juicy melons are thick and white- and seem to melt in your mouth as you enjoy their mild flavor.




Ayugaeri Falls・鮎返りの滝

2015.10.05 (Mon)


Named for the Japanese sweetfish (ayu) which are unable to swim any further upstream and are forced to return (kaeru), Ayugaeri Falls is a small waterfall found in Ueshi, Yurihama, upstream of the Jūmanji River. With steep rock walls on each side, this three-stepped waterfall and its surrounding scenery create a stunning view. It is said that children used to splash and play there due to the cool air and shade provided by the area, even in the heat of a midsummer’s day.