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。・ 羽衣石城跡・Ueshi Castle Remains ・。

2016.01.12 (Tue)



This replica of the original Ueshi castle was constructed in 1990 atop Mount Ueshi (elevation 372 meters), where the remains of the Koguchi and Kuruwa castles were also discovered. Nowadays, the area is maintained as a park, complete with an observation deck, a parking lot at the entrance to the mountain trail, and restrooms. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of both Yurihama and the Sea of Japan.



.・:☆ Yurihama no Shiki ☆:・.

2016.01.06 (Wed)


Yurihama no Shiki (Yurihama’s 4 Seasons) is an assortment of processed goods made from ingredients brought up in Yurihama’s abounding nature, including the area’s specialty 20th century pears and large Japanese plums.



東郷運動公園 ・ Tōgō Sports Park

2015.12.29 (Tue)


Surrounded by lush greenery, Tōgō Sports Park was opened in 1996 as a place for sports, recreation, and relaxation. With an area of 15.8 hectares, it is fully equipped with a baseball field (complete with lights for night games), a tennis court, a futsal court, a fitness area with 18 different pieces of workout equipment, a kids’ area, and a scenic lookout point.




♪。:・はわい音頭 ・ Hawai Ondo・:。♪

2015.12.21 (Mon)


The Hawai Ondo was composed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the former town of Hawai. Written by Miyuki Ishimoto, ­­composed by Shosuke Ichikawa, and performed by Harumi Miyako, this workman’s march is the product of a talented team and is accompanied by an easy-to-learn dance that is enjoyed by people of all ages.



Town Song・湯梨浜町歌

2015.12.16 (Wed)


Originally composed by Setsuo Kanba of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, this version was arranged by Yurihama resident Michiya Sasaki in March of 2006. It was chosen by the selection committee out of 118 other candidates to become the official song of Yurihama.



一、湯梨浜の 高き空に

未来を拓く 夢がある

ふるさとに寄せる 愛

ふるさとを飾る 花

手をたずさえて 命ときめき

歩みつづけよう 明日へ


We have a dream of opening the future

To the high skies of our Yurihama

The love that draws us home

The flowers that adorn our home

Hand-in-hand, the thrill of life

Let’s keep walking toward tomorrow


二、湯梨浜の 蒼き海に

世界を駆ける 風が吹く

ふるさとに寄せる 愛

ふるさとを思う 心

手をたずさえて 命燃え立ち

見つめつづけよう 明日を


The wind which runs across the earth

Blows over Yurihama’s blue sea

The love that draws us home

Our thoughts linger on our home

Hand-in-hand, a burning thirst for life

Let’s keep gazing toward tomorrow


三、湯梨浜の 山ふところに

心をつなぐ 友がいる

ふるさとに寄せる 愛

ふるさとを抱く 大地

手をたずさえて 命きらめき

歌いつづけよう 明日へ

Our friends, bound to our hearts,

Are at the foot of Yurihama’s mountains

The love that draws us home

The land that holds our home

Hand-in-hand, a glistening life

Let’s keep singing toward tomorrow



中国庭園燕趙園 ・ Chinese Garden Enchoen

2015.12.11 (Fri)


Making use of the beauty of the area surrounding Lake Tōgō, Chinese Garden Enchoen is an authentic Chinese garden that opened in 1995. It was constructed in the style of those built and beloved by Chinese emperors, with all materials for the buildings and stones for the garden specifically made in and imported from China. Inside the garden, guests can experience traditional Chinese culture through performances- including Chinese acrobatics, lion dance performances, and more. Enchoen is one of the largest Chinese gardens in Japan, serving as a foothold in the friendship between China and Japan.


TEL: 0858-32-2180


泊漁港 ・ Tomari Fishing Port

2015.12.01 (Tue)


The Tomari fishing port is a class 2 fishing port (a catch-all category for those with a range of use broader than just the locals but narrower than the whole of Japan) in central Tottori. Put in place as a boat guardhouse under the direct control of the feudal clans long ago, it was considered by the feudal lords to be an important unloading dock for the fishing boats. Now managed by the prefecture, Tomari’s fishing port is maintained as a permitted fishing zone and continues to be used as a hub for central Tottori’s coastal fisheries. The port’s main catches include sea bream (tai), yellowtail (hamachi), squid (ika), horse mackerel (aji).