About Yurihama


Map of Japan showing the location of Yurihama


Located along the coast of the Japan Sea in the center of Tottori Prefecture, Yurihama is a town surrounded by natural beauty and filled with welcoming and warm locals.

Yurihama was formed through the merger of the former towns of Hawai, Tomari, and Togo on October 1, 2004. With a population of roughly 18,000, Yurihama is known for its appetizing Twentieth Century Pears, natural hot springs (onsen), and beautiful sandy beaches.

The name “Yurihama” was actually derived using Chinese characters (kanji) that represent each of these:

Yu () = Hot Springs              Ri () = Pears        Hama () = Beaches


about yurihama







() = 東郷湖の温泉 () =二十世紀梨   はま() = 日本海の砂浜



  1. Awesome 🙂 You’re courage to write it in japanese too… I m your first follower ^^ !

    • Thanks!
      Actually, I have someone correct all my Japanese before i post it…

  2. Love the Yurihama kanji breakdown you provided!

    Yurihama” is derived from these very things:
    Yu (湯) – Hot spring Ri (梨) – Pear Hama (浜) – Beach

    I never took the time to analyze those kanji until just now (okagesamade) and am rather happy with the outcome! This blog is the best thing since pears starting growing the onsen filled beaches of Yurihama! ha! But seriously, great blog! At least the best thing since sliced Texas toast! Keep it up! Very impressive! I look forward to following it for years to come!

    Thanks for all your efforts!

    Hollis (Hokuei-cho ALT)

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