2018.11.12 (Mon)


Yurihama has designated the third Friday of November as “Family Day” in an effort to help bring families closer together, as well as promote awareness surrounding the many different ways family members can help and support each other in household chores, caregiving, raising children, as well as other tasks and shared responsibilities.FamilyWeek3

We invite you to take part in this year’s Family Week and focus on communication and connection within your family!



・Focus on Communication

We encourage everyone to work on building a strong relationship where everyone feels comfortable opening up and sharing their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with each other.

・Family Meal Time

Meals together are an important way to connect with your family and provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together. It may be fun to switch up who cooks the meal as well!

・Rethink Chores and Tasks

Family Week is the perfect time to sit down together and think about how everyone can to do their part to help out around the house and with different chores.




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