2018.07.03 (Tue)


This year’s Hawaii in Yurihama Hawaiian Festival will once again be held the first weekend of July (7/7-7/8) at Yurihama’s Hawai Aloha Hall.

Featuring dynamic performances by Hawaii Community College’s Unukupukupu led by Kumu Hula Pele Kaio, various Hawaiian-themed workshops, and performances on the Aloha Stage by hula groups from all across Japan, the festival once again promises to be full of fun, friendship, and the aloha spirit.

We invite you to come on by and enjoy some of the performances and take part in the exchange event to be held the following Monday.


❃While registration is closed for this year’s workshops, Aloha Stage, and Hawaii in Yurihama Performance by Unukupukupku, no registration is required to attend the Welcome Concert on 7/7 or the exchange event for residents on 7/9. We invite you to stop on by and join us for the fun and festivities!

See more at (Japanese): http://www.yurihama.jp/soshiki/10/7907.html


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