2017.11.29 (Wed)



The 11th annual Yurihama Musical will be held Sunday, December 10, 2017, at Hawai Aloha Hall.

Featuring a mix of local residents including everyone from experienced performers to newcomers to the stage, this year’s musical takes place during Japan’s Nara period and tells the story of Princess Chūjō, whose remains are said to now rest at Daiden Temple on Yurihama’s Mount Kuhon.


Date         Sunday, December 10, 2017 ・平成29年12月10日(日)
Times       Matinee 1:00pm/Evening performance 5:00pm
昼の部 開演13:00 夜の部 開演17:00
Venue      Hawai Aloha Hall
(584 Hawai Nagase, Yurihama, Tohaku, Tottori Prefecture 〒682-0722)
ハワイアロハホール  (鳥取県東伯郡湯梨浜町はわい長瀬584)
Tickets     Adults: 1,000 yen (1,300 yen at the door)   High school students & below: 500 yen
チケット 大人/1000円(当日1300円) 小人/500円(高校生以下) チケット販売所:湯梨浜町役場各庁舎、ハワイアロハホール、倉吉未来中心、とりぎん文化会館


See this blog’s post on the Mt. Kuhon Daiden Temple Ceremony(九品山会式)HERE.


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