Happy Valentine’s Day!❤。・

2017.02.14 (Tue)




Yurihama’s Shitori Shrine was an important shrine of the Hōki Province and is said to enshrine the goddess Princess Shitateru, shitori-shrinewho was known for both her beauty and intelligence. As such, the shrine has become known as a power spot for women seeking to increase their feminine charm or find a good match.

As you head towards the shrine, you will also find the “Anzan Iwa,” which is a large boulder said to answer prayers for safe childbirth.


While you’re there, don’t forget to get your Kahori Bukuro, which are cute and fragrant protective charms sold at the shrine.


You should offer one of these as you pray at the shrine and keep the other with you to bring about the blessings of Princess Shitateru.

There are 3 types, each said to have a different effect on the holder:

miyabiThis blend of pink and red roses enhances the holder’s beauty and grace.

kokoroThis blend of rosemary and marigold brings about rejuvenation and spiritual rebirth.

nukumoriThis blend of orange peels and marigolds is said to help bring the kindness and warmth of Princess Shitateru to the holder.



This onsen hot springs footbath is found on the shores of Lake Tōgō. You will know you found the right place when you see a monument of two koi (carp).
It is said that lovers should touch their feet to the bottom of the statue to solidify their koi (love). Couples wishing for a child could then pray to the nearby Jibo Kannon (Loving Mother). According to legend, you are supposed to pray from the right side of the statue for a boy and from the left for the girl.


For everyone with someone special, there are many wonderful cafes and restaurants to enjoy in Yurihama- not to mention the beautiful and romantic sunset over Lake Tōgō!



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