2017.02.01 (Wed)


Winner of the 40th Tottori Prefecture Cultural Publication Award (sponsored by the New Nihonkai Shimbun Company in cooperation with the Tottori Printing Industry Association), The Hōki Province’s Legend of the Celestial Maiden’s Heavenly Robes (伯耆国羽衣天女伝説) both tells and discusses the local legend of a celestial maiden said to have descended atop Yurihama’s Mt. Ueshi, where her heavenly robes were stolen (and thus preventing her from returning home), and later ascending back to the heavens beyond Kurayoshi’s Mt. Utsubuki, where her children played their flute and drum in hopes their mother would return.

Mr. Tohru Notsu presents the story in context of the area, including beautiful and striking images of the spots where the events were said to take place, and compares the local legend to similar stories found throughout Japan.

Readings are included for the more difficult kanji that appear in the book and while the book is rather academic, it was written with the general public in mind in an easy-to-understand manner, making it very accessible for non-native Japanese speakers and learners. It is a recommended read for those interested in Japanese myths, legends, culture and history!!celestial-maiden-robes2

If you are interested, The Hōki Province’s Legend of the Celestial Maiden’s Heavenly Robes is available through the
Continuing Education and Human Rights Promotion Division
(生涯学習・人権推進課 TEL: 0858-35-5368) at the Yurihama town hall for 2,000 yen (tax incl.)!



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