ワールド トレイルズ カンファレンス ・ 2016 World Trails Conference

2016.10.10 (Mon)


The 6th annual World Trails Conference (WTC) will be held in Japan’s Tottori Prefecture this weekend, from October 14th through the 17th. The conference is being held outside of Korea for the first time since its inception. First created through the efforts of the Jeju Olle Foundation in 2010, this event has grown to become one of the world’s premier gatherings of trail enthusiasts from across the globe and members of the international trails industry coming together to promote, expand, and celebrate the benefits of walking tied to health, tourism, and nature.

The main events begin on Saturday, October 15th, with an opening ceremony at Kurayoshi’s Mirai Chūshin and a keynote speech by Mr. Yuichiro Miura, followed by various breakout sessions.

Additionally, the Tottori World Walking Festival will be held as a concurrent event with the conference, with an array of courses to choose from- each featuring the natural beauty of the Japanese countryside and the unique charm of its people and towns.










Yurihama’s trails are some of those being showcased through this event- providing a wonderful opportunity to experience the gorgeous nature and greenery, the rich history and culture, and the unique and alluring charm of the town. Explore the retro streetscape around the JR Matsuzaki Station and enjoy the view of the Sea of Japan and Yurihama’s Lake Tōgō from atop Uma no Yama (Horse Mountain).


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