梨出荷式 Yurihama Pear Shipping Ceremony

2016.09.14 (Wed)

初出荷式 タイトル

On Monday, August 22nd, Yurihama hosted its annual ceremony to celebrate this year’s first shipment of its crisp and delicious 20th Century Pears.初出荷式 町長

   With special guests that included one of Tottori’s representative in the House of Councillors Mr. Shoji Maitachi and the members of the Yurihama Town Council, the ceremony kicked off with remarks by the Mayor, accompanied by the town mascot Yuririn, followed by a traditional dance by a local women’s association, an adorable and lively performance by a local kindergarten, and the presentation of pears to the drivers by the Nashi Musume (Pear Maidens).

   As pears are one of Yurihama’s specialties, the town tree is the pear tree and pears are even represented in the name of the town (the “RI” in Yurihama is written with 梨, which is the character for “pear”).  Yurihama is also known for its shijimi clams, rock oysters, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, and more★

初出荷式 おどり初出荷式 梨娘

See this blog’s previous post on Togo’s 20th Century Pears here.


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