泊夏祭り(7/23)・Tomari Summer Festival

2016.07.18 (Mon)

Tomari 1

Just a reminder that the Tomari Summer Festival will be held this Saturday(7/23) near the Tomari fishing port in Yurihama! In the morning, there will be a sakaki (a type of evergreen that is considered sacred and is often seen in Japanese mythology and rituals) and omikoshi (portable shrine) procession. The main events, however, kick off in the evening with a variety of food vendors and a drum and fife parade by Tomari Elementary School students at 5:30pm and live entertainment from 6:20pm. The must-see fireworks display over the ocean is scheduled to start at 8:40pm.Tomari 2

Be sure to come by and join in the festivities!!★


What:          Tomari Summer Festival
When:         Saturday, July 23, 2016
Where:       Near the Tomari Fishing Port (Tomari, Yurihama, Tōhaku, Tottori Prefecture 〒689-0601)


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