水郷祭 7/17 Yurihama Suigosai Summer Festival

2016.07.15 (Fri)


Don’t forget that Yurihama’s Suigōsai Festival will be held this Sunday (7/17) at Tōgō Lakeshore Park! Events will kick off with some entertainment by Tōgō JHS students at 5:30, including a brass band concert and the Dance of the Dragon. The area’s traditional Rōnin Odori dance will be performed at 7pm, prior to the portable shrine procession at 7:30pm and the tōrō nagashi at 7:50pm, where paper lanterns are set afloat on the surface of Lake Tōgō. Of course, the highlight of the evening will be the breathtaking fireworks display over the lake, which will start from 8:30pm.

What:          Yurihama’s Suigōsai Festival

When:         Sunday, July 17, 2016                     5:30pm~

Where:       Tōgō Lakeshore Park   (next to the Suimeisō and just down the way from the JR Matsuzaki Station)

Suigosai 2


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