・。☆宙ユリ ・ Space Lily☆。・

2016.06.03 (Fri)



Launched with the space shuttle Endeavour in 2008, 1,366 sasayuri (Japanese lilies) seeds traveled through the cosmos aboard the International Space Station’s Japanese science module Kibō (希望・Hope) on their own space lily odyssey. The seeds orbited the earth 4,100 times before their return. These lilies were given the nickname of sorayuri (宙ユリ), derived from a combination of the Japanese term for the heavens together with the Japanese word for lily, yuri.

そらゆり5The Tanimura Environment and Afforestation Research Center in Niigata Prefecture’s Itoigawa City presented Yurihama with 20 of the space lily bulbs in October of 2015. Since then, the space lilies have been cared for at both Yurihama’s Ayame Pond Park and Tottori’s Hanakairo Flower Park, where they bloomed beautifully this spring.







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