Friendship Blossoms- Dogwood Initiative Update

2016.05.26 (Thu)

Hanamizuki Update

A little over a year has passed since the 67 dogwood trees were planted in Yurihama as paBlossomsrt of the US-Japan Friendship Blossoms Dogwood Initiative in April of 2015. The sapling trees, which were planted in 5 locations around the perimeter of Lake Tōgō, have been growing strong in Yurihama’s relatively mild climate.

Meant to symbolize the lasting and ever-strengthening bond between Japan and the US, the trees blossomed beautifully this spring, offering hopeful tidings of the future and continued international exchange and friendship.

Although the blossoms are no longer in full bloom, I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the dogwood trees along with the beauty of the surrounding nature and scenic backdrop of Lake Tōgō!♪


See the original post on Yurihama’s participation in the US-Japan Friendship Blossoms Dogwood Initiative here.

Yellow Line


平成27年4月に日米友好の木・ハナミズキイニシアチブの一環として湯梨浜町に67本のハナミズキの木を植樹しHanamizuki Plaqueてから約1年間が経ち、東郷湖の周辺の5ヵ所で植えた苗木が湯梨浜町の比較的な温暖な気候でどんどん成長しています☆






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