Yurihama Walking Resort

2016.05.19 (Thu)

Walking Resort

Yurihama’s sceniWalk Yuririnc and open landscape lends itself well to outdoor activities. Taking advantage of this, the town has been working to further promote itself as a walking resort- for the enjoyment of both local residents and visitors alike.

As part of this, projects to better improve the walking environment have included the construction of a sidewalk all around Lake Tōgō, the installation of informational signposts, improved access to restrooms and rest stops, and Nordic walking events, among others.

With walking courses of all different lengths to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels and goals, Yurihama is an ideal place to refresh while experiencing the charms of countryside Japan!

Yurihama Walking Resort Routes

There are various recommended courses that include walking paths around the beautiful Lake Tōgō, along the stretching ocean coastline, and to the area’s healing waterfalls- all of which offer a firsthand look at the pristine and striking nature of rural Japan.
You can also choose to from walking courses that take you past historical and cultural sights or allow you to experience the retro-atmosphere lingering from the Shōwa era.

Options 1 2 Options 3 4


You can find more details and suggested routes at (Japanese): http://www.yurihama.jp/page.cgi?p=9298

Also! The 2016 World Trails Conference (WTC) will be held in Tottori this fall.
Check back for more details coming soon!★




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