★。春なのに三八市(一日限り)・Sanpachi Market in Spring (1 Day Only!)。★

2016.05.11 (Wed)

Sanpachi Ichi

Although typically a fall event held each October in the Matsuzaki ward of Yurihama (Tōgō district– near the JR Matsuzaki Station and the Tami guesthouse), the Sanpachi Market (literally the 3-8 Market as it is held on days with 3 or 8 in them throughout the month) will be held for a special springtime event on May 29th, 2016!

Come and enjoy the festivities~ including de-cluttering sales and flea markets, a cardboard maze for children, foot massages, and a Snack Street with taiyaki (a popular fish-shaped Japanese sweet made with a waffle-like batter and often filled with red bean paste or other filling), udon noodles, butajiru (miso soup with pork and vegetables), crepes, coffee, matcha, and much, much more!!☆

What Sanpachi Market
When May 29th, 2016  10am~
Where Matsuzaki Ward (Tōgō, Yurihama)

Sanpachi Flyer


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