野花梅渓散策ツアー・Yurihama Nokyō Japanese Plum Blossom Walking Tours

2016.03.17 (Thu)


During March, such plum blossoms can be found in Yurihama’s Nokyō district, which produces the area’s 梅渓well-renowned Nokyō bungo (a large and sweet variety of Japanese plum- also sometimes referred to as a Japanese apricot). With light pink and white petals and a sweet fragrance, these blossoms offer tidings of spring with over 2000 plum trees decorating the landscape near Lake Tōgō.

Guided group and individual tours of the area are available for those interested in viewing these beautiful plum blossoms (reservation required).

For groups of at least 20, the cost per person is 330 yen, while the cost for smaller groups or individual reservations is 700 yen per person. Tour participants also receive a special souvenir and a voucher for the bath at Yurihama’s Tōgō Yu-asis Ryūhōkaku spa resort).




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