. 。・ ☆。インドネシアの研修生との交流会 。☆ ・。 . Introduction to Indonesia

2016.03.01 (Tue)

YIFA Indonesia

日時              3月6日(日)午後2時〜4時
場所              Cafe ippo カフェ イッポ
湯梨浜町南谷573 夢広場入口   TEL: 0858-35-6161
内容              歓迎の歌と踊り、インドネシア紹介、歓談交流green star
お茶代           ¥500  (ドリンクバー & 焼菓子セット)
問い合わせ    湯梨浜町役場企画課の国際交流員     TEL:0858-35-5311


Indonesia Introduction

What:         Introduction to Indonesia  (followed by a chance to mingle)

When:         Sunday, March 6th, 2016     2pm ~ 4pm

Where:       Café ippo
(Near the entrance to the Yume Hiroba)

573 Minami-Tani, Yurihamaippo
TEL: 0858-35-6161

Cost:           500 yen
(includes drink bar and baked sweets)

Inquiries:   Yurihama Town Office Planning Division- Coordinator for International Relations    TEL: 0858-35-5311

Chairs will be provided, but you are encouraged to move about freely and use this opportunity to connect with the other participants.

See you there


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