。・☆パステル和アートスマイル☆・。          。・☆Pastel Nagomi Art Smile☆・。

2016.02.12 (Fri)

Pastel Nagomi Art


パステルアートは、手や消しゴムを使って、簡単に描くことができます。Nagomi 1


Pastel Art Smile opened in Yurihama’s Sakura Art Studio (Studio D) in January 2016!

With pastel art, you can easily create a unique work of art by blending the pastels using your hands or erasers. A fun experience for everyone from small children and elementary students to adults, pastel art also offers healing both while painting and later viewing your artwork.☆Nagomi 2

体験価格(Pastel Art Experience) 500円
1時間ワークショップ(1-hour Full Workshop) 2000円




【問い合わせ ・ Inquiries】
枡田 晃徳 (Akinori Masuda)       TEL: 090-7132-5567

さくら工芸品工房 工房D室
〒689-0711 鳥取県東伯郡湯梨浜町松崎619

Pastel Nagomi Art Smile
Sakura Art Studio   Studio D
619 Matsuzaki, Yurihama, Tōhaku, Tottori 〒689-0711


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