2015 Yurihama International Friendship GG Open was on Sunday!

2015.11.05 (Thu)

The second annual Yurihama International Friendship Ground Golf Open was held on Sunday, November 1st, at the birthplace of ground golf, Yurihama’s own Shiokaze no Oka Tomari. With a large turnout of both foreigners currently residing in Japan as well as ground golf enthusiasts who came all the way from Taiwan, Shanghai, Hebei, Korea, and even Spain, this year’s event had an especially international flavor. Players enjoyed a full day of ground golf and were welcomed by an array of special guests including Tottori Governor Shinji Hirai, Tottori Prefectural Assembly Member Tamotsu Itō, Yurihama Mayor Masamichi Miyawaki, and Director-General of the Central Tottori General Office Shinichi Nishiyama.

Ground golf has come to be a well-loved sport by many over the 33 years since its creation. Its simple rules and setup allow it to be enjoyed whenever, wherever, and by whomever, making it an ideal sport for not only the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and lifelong sports, but also for encouraging friendship and communication between players, regardless of age, gender, religion, or nationality.




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