ハワイゆ~たうん ・ Hawai Yu-Town

2015.08.10 (Mon)


Hawai Yu-Town is a hot springs facility that opened in 1993. Its high, glass-fitted ceiling creates an open atmosphere, and with its modern style and spacious baths, Hawai Yu-Town is an ideal place to soak in a hot spring and relax.

  • Location: 204-2 Kamiasozu, Yurihama
  • Hours of Operation:
    【Regular Workdays】9am – 9pm
    【Thursdays (excluding the 4th Thursday of every month)】5pm – 9pm
    ※Entry closes at 8:30pm
    Closed: 4th Thursday of every month (in the event this is a holiday, Hawai Yu-Town will be closed the following weekday)
  • TEL: 0858-35-4919 (Japanese)          E-mail: yutaun@yurihama.jp
  • Admission: High School and above: 360円      Elementary and Junior High School Students: 210円



場  所:湯梨浜町上浅津204-2
時  間:【通常営業】午前9時~午後9時
休 館 日:毎月第4木曜日(祝日の場合は翌日)
問い合せ:電話0858-35-4919     E-mail :yutaun@yurihama.jp
料  金:高校生以上360円、小中学生210円


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