Aloha Carnival: Stand-up Paddle Boarding! ・ SUP体験

2015.07.08 (Wed)


Stand-up paddle boarding is a popular water sport similar to traditional paddle boarding; however, rather than kneeling and using your hands to paddle, you stand-up on the board and use paddles to glide across the surface of the water. You get a good workout while relaxing and getting a unique and beautiful view of the ocean SUPfloor below you (as well as the horizon stretching off into the distance).

Come wearing your swimsuit- or even just clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. You will be given a life-jacket to wear and the staff will be there to help instruct you and help as

You don’t need to be able to swim or speak Japanese to participate, so come and enjoy stand-up paddle boarding with us!



While the 6/14 free SUP day has passed, there is no need to fret- there are 2 more chances to enjoy a FREE SUP experience!!

Time:   10 am – 4 pm (registration starts at 9am)
Dates:   Sunday, July 12th
Sunday, August 16th
Location: Tōgō Hawai Seaside Park

Togo Hawai Seaside Park (Hawai Beach)



You can also enjoy SUP on weekdays at a special discounted price during the Aloha Carnival!

Time:   10 am – 4 pm
Dates:   Weekdays, June 11th ~ August 31st
Location: Tōgō Hawai Seaside Park
Cost:   Adults…1000 yen
Elementary School Students…500 yen
Children not yet enrolled in school…100 yen



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