.。・Tomari Museum of History and Folklore・。 . 泊歴史民俗資料館

2015.05.27 (Wed)


Tomari Museum of History and Folklore features roughly 3,000 different agricultural, fishing, folk art and lifestyle tools and items which show the manners and customs of daily life in days gone by. Devised and improved to withstand Tomari’s climate and natural surroundings over a long period of history, these items also speak to the villager’s knowledge and way of thinking about life and circumstances.

Location: Tomari 1204-1, Yurihama
Hours: 9:30am – 4:30pm (closed Dec 29-Jan 3)
Telephone: 0858-34-3011
Admission: 100 yen; 50 yen for elementary and junior high school students (regular exhibits)



場  所:湯梨浜町泊1204-1
休 館 日:12月29日~1月3日
電話: 0858-34-3011
料金: 一般100円、小中学生50円(通常展示)


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