。:☆ 中野久子・Hisako Nakano ☆:。

2015.03.17 (Tue)

Through sheer willpower alone, Hisako Nakano founded a free lodgings facility, Shion-ryō, in 1950, managing the facility by herself for her last remaining 20 years. During this time, Nakano continued shining her light on ex-convicts, homeless drifters, and all those considered to be in the lowest ranks of society. Nakano was born in 1897 in present-day Matsuzaki, Yurihama, and played an active role as a social worker and a probation officer in Tottori City, dedicating half of her life to public welfare. In 1964, she was awarded Japan’s “Medal with Blue Ribbon” for her public service.




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