2015.02.09 (Mon)


Yurihama is collecting donations to send to our sister-city Hawaii County to aid in the restoration and relief of damages caused by the June 27th lava flow from Mount Kilauea in Pahoa, Hawaii. Slowly but continuously progressing, the lava flow is currently stalled about half a mile away from Highway 130 and Pahoa Marketplace, where various businesses have voluntarily evacuated while the situation is monitored. An active breakout north of the stalled flow is heading towards Highway 130, and several contained brushfires have broken out. While there were previous concerns of the lava flow approaching residential areas, it is fortunately currently not a threat to residents. See more updates and more detailed information at: [http://www.hawaiicounty.gov/active-alerts/]                  

  Please consider making your donation to help efforts at one of the many donation boxes found throughout Yurihama or through bank transfer by Friday, February 20th, 2015. 2月20日

        募金箱  Donation boxes have been set up at the Yurihama Town Office- Planning Division, the Tomari and Tōgō branches, as well as various locations throughout Yurihama- including the library, Hawai Aloha Hall, and community centers.                             

If you would like to receive a receipt for your contribution, please speak to the staff at the counter when making your donation.受領証の必要な方は、役場企画課または各支所窓口にお越しください。

鳥取中央農業協同組合 羽合支所         JA Tottori Chūo Bank – Hawai Branch
普通0020375                               Account: 0020375
ハワイ島溶岩流災害見舞金                   Hawaii County Lava Flow Disaster Relief Fund
Bank transfer fees many apply.振込手数料はご負担ください。



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