Kitayama Ancient Burial Grounds・北山古墳

2014.12.10 (Wed)


In 1980, the ancient burial grounds at Kitayama were designated as one of Japan’s historical landmarks. Located on a low hill on the southern side of Lake Tōgō, these boast the largest scale tombs of their style (a unique keyhole-shaped with a square-shaped front but rounded back) in the San’in Region. The graves are 110m in length and are 12m tall- the front end is 56m long and 11m tall and the rounded back has a diameter of 70m and height of 12m. Believed to have been built in the first half of the 5th century, these ancient grave sites have yielded various artifacts including ornamental beads and bronze mirrors.

1980(昭和55)年に国の史跡に指定、山陰地方で最大の規模を誇る前方後円墳で、東郷湖南側に位置する小高い丘陵に築かれています。古墳の全長は110mで、後円部は直径70m高さ12m、前方部は長さ56m高さ11mです。5世紀前半に築かれたとみられ、埋葬施設から人骨のほか、勾玉(まが たま)、銅鏡、管玉(くだたま)などが出土しています



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