☆ ・ . An Introduction to Ground Golf . ・ ☆ ・ .   ☆ ・ . グラウンド・ゴルフへの紹介 . ・ ☆

2014.11.10 (Mon)

Yurihama recently hosted the 2014 Yurihama International Friendship Ground Golf Open at the birthplace of ground golf, Shiokaze no Oka Tomari. Joined by Yurihama Mayor Miyawaki, as well as members of both the Town Council and the Board of Education, 60 players from 15 different countries across the globe, including China, the Philippines, France, Egypt and Malaysia, enjoyed a day of international friendship, ground golf, and festivities (despite some rainy weather).


In that spirit, here is a brief introduction to ground golf!club

 In 1982, ground golf was developed as part of an initiative to promote lifelong sports in Tomari, Tottori, which is now part of Yurihama. I have had a lot of fun each time I’ve gone- I would liken it to playing a round of mini-golf with friends. It isn’t complicated, so beginners can catch on quickly and have a fair shot of overtaking even more experienced players, but it still provides a challenge.

Players use clubs, balls, posts, and start maps designed for ground golf and hit the ball into the boundaries of the goal post while counting the number of strokes needed to do so― just like golf (minus the hole). To even the playing field a bit, there is also a special rule that allows players to subtract 3 strokes from their overall score for each hole-in-one.

As in golf, whoever has the lowest number of strokes at the end of the course wins. In the event of a tie, however, the person who consistently scored lower wins. So a lower average of strokes needed would trump a hole-in-one.

Other rules prohibit sweeping or pushing the ball in and moving branches, grass, and other items (which must remain as-is and may not be moved to aid the player). Also, if a ball hits another player’s during play, the ball hit must be returned to its original position. Wherever the ball in play stops, however, is used as its new location.

Balls that obstruct play may be temporarily removed to allow play to commence. Markers are placed directly behind the ball (relative to the goal post) to indicate the ball’s position. When it is the player’s turn, the ball is returned to the original position.



Nothing too crazy, right? Definitely give ground golf a shot if you get the chance!☆


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