Pione Grapes ・ピオーネ(ブドウ)

2014.10.15 (Wed)



Plump and brimming with sweetness, pione grapes are a seedless type of grapes considered to be a grade above kyohou grapes. Grown throughout the Sand Dune area from Shinkawa to Nagase, the pione grapes cultivated in Yurihama are said to produce the most abundant harvest in the prefecture!



One comment

  1. i believe i have tried this variety of japanese grape. the ones i tried was a gift, deep dark black-purple, easily peels off from the skin as you eat them, super sweet to a point of alcoholic-like flavor. truly one of the best grapes i’ve had in my entire life. then again, many japanese products are made with premium quality, which is why i love them and never get tired of visiting the country.

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