Australian school lunches オーストラリアの学校のランチ

2014.07.10 (Thu)


The thing is, in Australia we don’t have school lunches (maybe at some private schools…). School students bring a lunch box from home, or buy their lunch from the school canteen. In some schools, they have a ‘lunch order’ system where in the morning you write your name, class and your order on a paper bag and put your money in.

School canteens sell a range of things like sandwiches and light meals, fruit and water. With obesity becoming more of an issue in recent years, some schools have started banning the sales of junk food like Coca-Cola and potato chips. Some canteens are run by parents and volunteers, rather than by a business.

Another thing is where the kids eat lunch. Unlike America, where there are cafeterias, or in Japan where they eat in the classroom, Australian kids usually eat lunch outside, or if the weather is bad, in the gym or under covered areas. As well as lunch, there is morning teatime, when the student will eat a snack or some fruit.

The average Aussie lunchbox is very different to a Japanese obento (lunch box). Plastic containers are common, and they are on the larger size. This isn’t so that lots of food can fit it, but more because it’s normal to include a frozen drink box or bottle, to keep the lunch cool until it’s time to eat it.

Finally, there are a lot of Australian kids who make their own lunches. Of course, when they’re small, their parents or carers will make their lunch, but from about 8 years old onwards, it’s thought to be good for kids to make their own lunch (of course, with some help and a bit of checking of the contents by parents from time to time!).








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