An enjoyable year in the Chugoku region 中国地方を満喫した1年間

2014.05.07 (Wed)

Until I was sent to Tottori on the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Programme, the truth is that I had never been to the San’in region. Worse than that, the only time I’d been to the Chugoku region was one time staying in Hiroshima, so when I got my letter telling me where I would be sent, I had to go and look at the map to work out where Tottori even was.

It’s been a year since I learnt where Tottori is. In that time, as well as being able to learn a lot about places that even many Japanese people don’t know, I’ve travelled with my husband around not only the prefecture but also Okayama and Shimane prefectures. Because of that, even me, who is not very good at geography, has come to know a lot about the Chugoku region, which has been great.

At the end of last year, my family came to visit, and we spent some time in a beautiful house near Mimasaka in Okayama prefecture, amid beautiful surroundings. In autumn last year, we went to Chizu, where we met a lovely and very knowledgeable volunteer guide, who told us all about the area’s history. We went again in February to enjoy the Snow Festival, and walked around the historic streets, drank amazake and looked at the different snow sculptures. We have also been to Matsue and Izumo Grand Shrine, which was particularly impressive.

I was pretty nervous before we came to Tottori, because I had no idea what to expect. But the longer I am here, the more I realise how wonderful an area this is. I am so glad I was sent here!







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  1. It is indeed a lovely area.

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